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1 dead, 6 wounded in Hamburg supermarket knife attack

By Sebastian BRONST

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wait for it - he has mental problems etc etc.

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Germany's domestic intelligence service estimates there are about 10,000 radical Islamists in the country, including 1,600 who are considered potentially violent.

I remember the suicide bomber who slaughtered innocents at a concert in Manchester wasn't considered high risk by the security services.

The security services are overwhelmed and need to prioritise. The German security services admitted they weren't equipped to cope with the jihadi threat. I hope they are getting up to speed.

Best of luck to the security services. Lives depend on them.

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Best of luck to the security services. Lives depend on them.

Security services can't do anything. It is up to the Islamic community to make these sorts of actions completely wrong. Culturally wrong. Religiously wrong. Legally wrong. Until that happens, the fringe will always be able to find someone looking to "belong" and brainwash them into doing something stupid or terrible.

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Security services can't do anything

Yes they can and do. In the UK, the security services have foiled many Jihadi plots.

I agree the Muslim community are the key to stopping terrorist attacks.

Religiously wrong

Says who? Who has the authority to say this?

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shouting "Allahu Akbar" It means Thank you Merkel?

"The attack had been motivated by "hate," mayor Olaf Scholz said, although he stopped short of declaring it a terrorist incident."

It looks like German authority is tiring of calling terrorist attack to terrorism attack. Perhaps, the authority fears of public anger toward Chancellor Angela Merkel and her German Government. The German Government is still insisting for to confess what Angela Merkel's open border for refugees’ policy was wrong. Next, Chancellor Angela Merkel should be choosing for Nobel Peace Prize. I won’t be surprised if she was awarded with Noel Peace prize because even guy like Julian Assange was nominated for Nobel Peace prize by the crazy left-wing politicians in Norway.

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If German officials can't deport people like this who are clear and present dangers, Germans can expect to be attacked a lot more in the future.

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Chopchop, i agree.

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