One woman in three a victim of domestic violence: WHO


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I wonder what the definition of "abuse" is. My father spanked us all when we were kids - now that is considered abusive. But when I see a story on a study that doesn't have a definition of what the bad thing is then I start to wonder. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.....

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There is also male/male abuse and female/female abuse. While I do agree most often we'll be seeing male/female abuse the female/male abuse also needs to be considered.

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Nigella Lawson prompted this article?

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Anyone who is hitting their partner has a serious problem, and so does the partner. How can anyone live with either a violent or an insufferably submissive partner?

The banner above seems to be saying "Men can stop rape". (?) Although related, this seems to be a different aspect from what we are all discussing here

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I used to work at a small hotel and during the holidays I'd talk to some guests that lived in the city and needed to get away from their spouse because of DV.

Men, usually the bread winners, can leave a relationship if they're the victim of DV because they're pretty independent, financially.

Women, many times, take care of the children always seem to have no way out because they don't work/can't work for reason such as their children or something else. It's mostly for their children from the people I've met.

That's usually the reason that when women are the victim's of extreme DV is because they're in those violent relationships longer than men who just simply leave to avoid an abusive relationship.

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Well, figures dont lie and as a man I accept women being target of DV for sure....but this is something deep in human nature and deep in some cultures too, cant be reduced for sure. Even in advanced country like Japan there is still a lot of hidden DV where women and men are both victim. But the amount of verbal abuse created by women which leads to provocation and physical abuse by their partner goes unnoticed......thats very unfair

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How about female on male abuse? That is something that is mostly ignored or laughed at. Any abuse is vile but we keep seeing man = bad, women = victims.

not to condone any violence (because smart men walk away and don't stick around to take emotional abuse from women)... but there never seems to be any examination or consideration as to what the woman was doing prior to violence occurring.

In murder and assault cases, there is usually a motive. Here, that motive is conveniently ignored and swept under the carpet. Maybe there are multiple factors (cultural, economic for example) involved in these cases that are just not being examined.

There is only a certain amount of male demonization a society can withstand before all the decent guys start thinking "There's no reward for being nice to women, so I'll start abusing them because it makes no difference to how poorly I am being treated"... and that's a slippery slope.

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While this is an extremely important issue, must be addressed as a human rights and welfare focus, has huge impact on social and economic development, and all of us need to become more aware of the ramifications of this sad fact, do not mistake the statistics as meaning every third woman you meet walking down the street is a victim of abuse.

A phenomenon we need to guard against is the arbitrary or prejudicial classification of anyone into impotent victimhood - this can be disempowering, demeaning, and just another form of objectification.

Don't focus so much on the pitiable state of victims (although don't marginalize it either), rather focus on empowering people to rise above their challenges, and provide legal safeguards to ensure that opportunity and potential can be realized.

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How about female on male abuse? That is something that is mostly ignored or laughed at. Any abuse is vile but we keep seeing man = bad, women = victims.

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And one Japanese man in how many?

What is the definition of violence and does it include passive aggression, such as ignoring people?

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