One year after Afghanistan, spy agencies pivot toward China


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I have lived in both China and Taiwan. The former has more problems than it can deal with; the latter is an earth-shattering success.

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CIA had a history of countering the communists in China during the early days of the Cold War when CCP won the Chinese Civil War. CIA also trained the Tibetan freedom fighters during those days.

The name of the great American patriot and CIA agent Douglas Mackiernan who got killed due to a misunderstanding in Tibet when he was on his way to India from Xinjiang will be familiar to those who have read up on the subject.

But when the US decided to shake hands with China to counter the Soviet Union all those sacrifices went down the drain.

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One year after Afghanistan, spy agencies pivot toward China

In other words: One year after the Afghanistan debacle, American neolib-neocon spy agencies pivot towards their next debacle with China. In a sane world, the CIA would have been disbanded long ago.

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Priorities and resources should be directed at the gravest and most immediate threat.

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CIA cannot find all Russian agent,that are helping in Ukraine,most CIA Intel are gathered by double agent or private citizen willing to spy on their country

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Ukraine Himars are located near Mykolaiv,either Russian know that are afraid to bomb them with plane,CIA are generally risk takers ,sometime with deadly consequences

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Most Intel is gain through signet, electronic communication,cell phone make spying easily,spies can send information through Bluetooth by just looking as if they looking at their phone,lots of people can be through Bluetooth,if you even listen on your airpod,they can track you via Bluetooth ,next time you connected to your headset, somebody may be connected to your movement

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Backward Nations such as Afghanistan, will probably prevail during an all-out Nuclear War, and that sets a worrying view for the future of Human kind.

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China has spies everywhere

It's just common sense there'd be countermeasures

In a sane world, the CIA would have been disbanded long ago.

In a sane world, KGB/FSB, MSS, and all spy agencies would have been disbanded long ago

(Unless ya wanna be spied on, whether it's one or another)

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