Open season on the free press: Journalists targeted in attacks as U.S. protests rage

By Kenneth Li

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So ironic to see CNN fake news peddlers talking about press freedom. Are they not applauding and abetting the oppression of free news on the big tech platforms? Are they not suppressing on their networks that contradict their ideology? Pot-kettle.

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Let's make one thing clear. This is not some random event. When reporters are consistently arrested, harassed and beaten while holding their press credentials, you can be sure this is deliberate, and can be traced all the way back to the anti-press rhetoric Trump has been spewing from day one since he took office.

This is retribution, pure and simple, initially lodged as venomous tweets and now pouring out, at last, in the form of targeted violence against a press corps the police perceives as biased in favor of protesters.

I don't recall any civilized country behaving this way toward journalists. It's straight banana republic material, which, in effect, is what America looks more and more every day.

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you didnt discuss how liberal run states would be following anything Trump supposedly supports.

Wouldnt they be bringing gift baskets and coupons for free massages to the press if Trump wanted them mistreated?

Liberal states arrested the media at the direction of liberal police departments. No Trump to be found.

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Reporters are now "Liberal" and fair game so the truth is beaten, see where this is going. All I can say is seig Heil to the new future, truth has no place its seemingly uncomfortable to report honestly.

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Im trying to understand, what happened to the social distancing? Not relevant now? Before, stay home, wear mask.

I complied.

Now....? whats going on? Im seeing swarms of people, withing .5 meter of each other, going nuts and MSM...seems to be encouraging their protest.

So..what was all that about stay safe stay home?

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Yeah, where is that guy when you need him?

what for? You been saying he is the reason for all of this.

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Who created all thiese violence ???with one tweet ???. trumpet. pls wake up americans, change yr president.

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Who created all thiese violence ???with one tweet ???. trumpet.

Pffft! Ever heard of Antifa? What, they get off scot-free?

pls wake up americans, change yr president.

Wake up, TARA, Trump didn't start this but he's going to finish it.

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Haha funny commentators saying trumps fault, funnier than rocks or funnier, Trump didnt start this, the corrupt crooked cop and the others in his gang did, they have been killing people for years, they killed the wrong guy the wrong way at the wrong time in the wrong place on camera this time.

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