Opera legend Domingo defends himself against sexual harassment claims

By Angela Weiss

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Oh no... my second-favourite male opera singer... say it ain't so.

But eight singers and a dancer - it's not looking good for Placido.

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my second-favourite male opera singer.

After Pavarotti - who's after Jussi Björling. LOL

But eight singers and a dancer - it's not looking good for Placido.

I agree. People with power over others regardless of gender need to learn to control themselves or face consequences somewhere down the line.

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After Pavarotti - who's after Jussi Björling. LOL

Yeah, Björling, Franco Corelli. Pavarotti No.1.

Doesn't matter how far we demote Placido (who I've seen live in concert) down the list, this is still a difficult thing for fans to deal with. I don't like to judge people just on the basis of, say, one accusation, but this looks very different. As you implied, power corrupts.

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People are so slow to catch on that this train may never stop until every man is in jail and every cent in the hands of women. I am just wondering when the statement "He looked at me in a way that made me feel raped" turns into an actual rape conviction.

I would say more, but I fully realize the hysterical times we live in. My post is liable to suffer the same fate as Giordano Bruno as it is.

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