Ousted S Korean leader arrives back home; expresses defiance


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So since being reduced to a "regular citizen "is she gonna go to jail or get a suspended sentence?

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@bones. She was impeached. Do you understand impeachment procedure?

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@toshiko I think everyone understands the meaning of impeachment but what bones is referring to is the fact that now she is no longer President she no longer has immunity from prosecution and therefore may be tried and sentenced.

Park no longer has immunity from prosecution and may face criminal charges including extortion, bribery and abuse of power.

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I think the problem with Bone's statement is that it is putting the cart before the horse. They haven't yet been able to put the burden of proof on the accusations against Park. Much of what has been discovered shows that Choi is guilty of corruption but the anger comes from the close relationship between Park and Choi leading people to assume Park was involved in the corruption. From what I've read in several different media outlets, the big thing they can hit Park for is sharing State secrets with Choi.

The impeachment was likely upheld by the Court not because of strong evidence but in order to prevent the ROK from going into a full Civil War. Judging by what the Park supporters (who are the minority) did after the announcment; the chaos would have been insane if they came to the opposite conclusion.

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Now, criminal court ptrocedurdefollow

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@toshiko I know exactly what the impeachment procedure is about,but thank you for your concern. Now as far as the rest goes,the impeachment was a result of something wrong on her part,so obviously there was grounds to remove her from her political position. I am not an expert on Korean laws,but I would think it difficult for the courts to put a sitting president on trial,but since she did something worthy of impeachment and is no longer president she should be punished for whatever rime she committed.

@CyburneticTiger As I stated above,if they had enough to impeach her clearly she committed some type of crime,they arrested to other people connected to her but because she was in a position of power she was able to delay things far quite some time,I could be wrong but if the other two people were hauled of because of involvement with her she should be hauled of as well,she should not be allowed to just go back to her regular life if she was complicit in any wrongdoing.

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The Constitutional Court jurisdiction is not a criminal court. She is now hand of a criminal court in which Attorney General build his case and her attorney will try to defend her. Her cohorts be defendants with her or hostile witnesses. After verdict, sentencing.Somwe need to know how trials proceeds.

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if they had enough to impeach her clearly she committed some type of crime

Provided the impeachment was voted on adequate grounds. In this case, no. Leave her alone.

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DA has to issue search warrants and subpoena to collect evidence. Bank records and accounting records. In courts, hearsay are not used.

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Impeachment. Congress members votes. Not necessary crime. S Korea does not use Kangaroo court. If she is convicted in criminal court, she can appeal. But I noticed may people support her. Under her governing, Sep Korea became technologically advanced rich country. Whoever becomes next president need at least that much accomplishment.

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