Over 100,000 march in Belarus against authoritarian leader


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Lukashenko needs to relax and have a nice cup of tea.

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80% vote really. If 100000 citizens are prepared to get beaten and tortured, in such a small country, 80% is a tad bit unrealistic.

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Free thinkers rise up against neo-liberalism.

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Free thinkers rise up against neo-liberalism.

‘Free thinker’ is a very old ideology. I’m surprised to see a trump supporter associated with something so traditionally anti-religious.

Did you know the widely acknowledged symbol of Free Thinkers is the pansy flower?

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Free thinkers rise up against neo-liberalism.

So you’re supporting the protesters, right? Just making sure, seem a bit muddled in the issues. trump has often been labeled a neoliberalist.

Some surprises coming from the regulars today! Still always good to find a fellow pansy.

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Russian Trump supporters oft find themselves saying the oddest things.

The dictator gotta go.

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Have to admire them.

Hopefully their efforts will pay off

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"Free Thinkers" has multiple meanings. I'm a free thinking under this definition:

one who rejects or is skeptical of religious dogma

Using the same term that has been in use for decades with a different meaning, is a bad idea. Get a new term already. One that doesn't have an established meaning, please.

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