Over 100 feared dead in new migrant boat tragedies in Mediterranean


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The problem beeing is when one illegal immigrant is permitted passage the flow starts.

Simple logic here, if you live in a desperate or corrupt nation and no secure fire in sight and you have an avenue to leave for a better life you go. That said can the developed nations thru out the world accept all migrant Who choose to leave? Is it sustainable? Who will stay in the poor, or corrupt nations if that happens? Is a world with no borders in the horizon? What about property? Is my backyard go be shared with whomever chooses to us it? Borders are gone. Will I have a private home or a dormatory?

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So what I am to believe is they are close enough to the coast to "save" them but no return them to the the liybian coast were they come from?,if they keep saving them there will be no end to people risking to jump the border in ram shackle boats no they should set up camps to stop the human traffickers and help the real refugees not the economic migrants.

Face it this crisis will never stop untill they make hard choices.

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