Over 100 killed during Syria's troubled population transfer


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These are the people we ally ourselves with when we bomb the Syrian military.

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"Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" everyone knows this person or people are bad guys and liars. Still the MSM keeps using them which tell you something. And why would the so called rebels blow up there own people?

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Saw this earlier. Apparently the guy who runs a world famous cat sanctuary near Aleppo and drives an ambulance for Syria Charity had his car ambushed in the attack. So glad he is alright but RIP to all the other many dozens of victims.

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No one claimed responsibility for the attack but pro-government media and the opposition exchanged accusations, each pointing to foreign interference or conspiracies undermining the deal.

Could it have been IS ?

Was it some one who had suffered severe loss in the conflict and wanted personal revenge ?

Will we ever find out the truth of who did it and why ?

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According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights

The MSM applauds you. Honest people on the other hand say you're a fool.

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Assad and his allies are the only ones with warplanes and copters. The only ones dropping illegal bombs. Barrel bombs, cluster bombs, phosphorus and chemical.

Oh geesh you're so naive. Ever heard of Yemen? Who's using copters and warplanes there? Can you connect dots?

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Burning Bush: The first victim of war is the truth.

Were you the one saying Russia would rout ISIS with their mighty military in a matter of days? It was a long time ago, probably over a year ago, so my memory is fuzzy. It was either you or someone else.

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But to be fair, Aleppo has been cleared of ISIS and Al Qaida.

Ah, so it was you. I thought so.

Congrats on Aleppo. Clearing a city is good work. Not quite "mighty Russia will destroy Russia in a matter of days" but still worthy of a cookie.

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All the anti Assad groups have no warplanes

Artillery, rocket systems and car bombs (terrorebels' weapon of choice) kill much more people then warplanes.

Strange you don't use that value with your pro support groups like Assad and Russia

Because they do not lie like terrorebels do.

@ SuperLib

Congrats on Aleppo. Clearing a city is good work. Not quite "mighty Russia will destroy Russia in a matter of days" but still worthy of a cookie

I believe I remember that. In 2015 or 2016 you asked several times about the results of the operation, claiming that "my Russian friend said that ISIS would be destroyed in a matter of days". I replied you once and I repeat it again: ask your friend who said that, not us.

But you admit that clearing Aleppo was good. Big improvement, worthy of a big cookie!

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We shouldn't be surprised that government forces are accused of more civillian deaths. It's to be expected in any urban conflict where the rebels, who also do not adhere to the Geneva Conventions, hide amongst civillians and use them as human shields to deter the other side from striking. The 94% number is likely just a stab in the dark, but no doubt it's going to be high.

How does the Syrian Network for Human Rights allocate the death toll of civilians who are locked into cages and used as human shields? Are the rebels responsible through their illegal actions, or is Syria responsible for physically firing the munitions that kill them? It's a question that goes to the heart of the conflict; Who is responsible for the war? Is it the rebels who had laudable aims at the start but didn't know when to stop after it was clear that they would not topple the government without destroying the country? Or is it the Syrian government who should have come to the negotiating table sooner despite their legitimate sovereign right to impose law and order?

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Why not post your own figures for the number of civilians killed by Assad and his allies

Because I don't have such figures. If you had any idea what is war about, you'd know how it is difficult to count casualties due to what is known as "fog of war". Even in this particular terrorist attack nobody knows how many people were killed. Now it stands as "over 100 killed" - what does it mean, 101, 120, or 150? It is unknown. And you believe that all people have been counted for all such incidents during the six years of war?

Russian cluster bombs, phosphorus bombs chemical bombs

Sure, sure. You forgot about use of nuclear bombs.Seriously, before making such claims you'd better provide facts.

Assad has 700 aircraft including 278 warplanes. 120 attack aircraft

Actually much less, many aircraft were lost, many are not operational due to lack of spare parts. And one aircraft can take only several bombs in one sortie. Every field gun or a mortar can fire off up to dozen shells per minute, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) can fire dozens of rockets in one salvo. And terrorebels have a lot of such systems and they do not hesitate to use them on every occasion.

And thanks for links, they were funny. So, in March the Syrian Army lost 417 soldiers, Russians lost 224,and opposition lost only 14?? First, these figures completely contradict to your claims that Assad forces kill more people. And second, when I studied WWII I read several examples of what Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda, claimed about the situation on the front. You know, almost identical to these blogs.

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I've done just that and on other posts/comments even posted links to photos of failed bombings which included Russian cluster, Syrian barrel bombs, Russian phosphorus bombs

When? I remember one video from you of a helicopter dropping one bomb. You claimed it was a barrel bomb, but in fact it was usual gravity ordnance. In return I posted a video of terrorebels firing gas canisters from a cannon, and I'm still waiting for your reaction to that video.

if you can't even bother to post figures

Even Wiki is better then "figures" you provided. These links as reliable as Goebbels' propaganda. That's the reason why the guy from UK who likes to call himself "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" is more known now as Syrian Goebbels.

I'm done with you both

Exellent, thank you! Please keep your promise.

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