Over 400 items found in UK nerve agent poison probe


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Is the British government asserting that the Russian government was able to plan and execute an huge operation involving the transport of chemical weapons across international borders into London totally unbeknownst to UK security services?

Shouldn’t the head of MI6 be fired for this obvious incompetence?

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BB - nobody ever said Russian operatives were stupid.

If illegal drugs can be smuggled all over the world, why can't other small items?

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If illegal drugs can be smuggled all over the world, why can't other small items?

MI6 is not tasked with intercepting drugs, they're tasked with keep foreign intelligence agents on British soil under close watch.

But if you believe the Novichok story, you necessarily must believe that Russian agents can operate carte blanche in London with any detection whatsoever.

That constitutes a categorical failure of the British Secret Services.

If we believe the Novichok BS story that is.

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Russian nationals in the UK should be supplied tinfoil hats and then deported, their assets seized and their embassy closed until Russia gets rid of killer gangster Putin.

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Many Russian exiles in UK were dead in a mystery but no conclusion yet! Those cases never involved toxic substances! Everyone knows they must shut up when mentioned Mr.Putin !

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Burning Bush you just repeat the same comments on every post. A small amount of Novichok could kill tens of thousands and could be smuggled into Britain with its extensive coastline. Not even the Russian security intelligence services are anywhere near 100% successful and hence the terrorist bombings and attacks and the chances of a dirty nuke are a strong possibility.

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More anti Putin/anti trump MSM/deep state BS.

So they found 400 items in their investigation. Bid deal.

Maybe turned some WMDs from Iraq and the cloth that Hillary wiped her server with.

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It’s amazing how you can go on about the deep state, tower 7, and Hillary, yet think Trump is clean as a whistle.

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Seems like the makings of a Spy Novel unfolding right in front of us...

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I don’t know about anyone else here but I’m investing into housing in Salisbury

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