Padres-Nats game suspended after shooting outside DC stadium


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Large cities in the U.S. now resemble war zones with increasing murder rates and shootings. This article was published in June about D.C. specifically.

I have no desire to visit a large city in the U.S. anymore unless things are brought under control.

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Well, this is what happen when people start to demand the police force get dismantle and police officers are being send to jail. Heard large amount of cops are leaving the force and there is now many shortages of recruits in many states. Who even want to be a policeman anyway and protect the people when they are threaten and insulted everyday? Is now a free estate for everyone. Just chaos.

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Americans love shooting each other, it’s part of America’s unique culture of violence.

Seems dramatic to stop a game over such an everyday event.

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Sad, but longer this situation of lockdowns and no-work last then worst will situation get.

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Since children's lives are apparently not enough to make the US reconsider their addiction to guns, maybe now that it is beginning to interfere with something much more important (like sports) something may actually change.

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Only in America do we have to worry about being shot going to a baseball game, concert, movies, school, work, or church. Guns do not make America free or safe.

“One teenage boy dead..,”

This happened today in Utah. The boy was 13. He will never know that feeling on your first day of high school.

This is a great nation?

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Just another day in gun toting USA.

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I’ve owned several firearms, never killled or shot at anyone…but of course I must be a Gun Nut for owning ANYTHING; huh ?

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Since the 80s, I always thought it was crazy that despite residing the President, many politicians and heavy security, DC is one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

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Republicans claim this is the cost of freedom.

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Sad, but longer this situation of lockdowns and no-work last then worst will situation get.

Thousands of people enjoying a baseball game doesn’t sound much like a lockdown. Don’t pass off gun violence as a Covid side effect.

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Sad, but longer this situation of lockdowns and no-work last then worst will situation get.

because you're all killers? We made sourdough. what did you do?

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Ever since the movie Black Sunday I saw when I was young, I have wondered why there hasn't been a shooting or a terrorist event in an American sports stadium since then. Yes, there are metal detectors but a lot of the downtown stadiums are ringed with taller buildings that nutters like the Las Vegas shooter could use.

Does anyone else remember Black Sunday? The movie version was about a terrorist. They modified it for TV and added extra (confusing) plot details to try to make it seem like the person wasn't really a terrorist or prevent anyone from getting sick inspiration. They also tried to claim it was a Sunday NFL game but all the players were in USC Trojans uniforms.

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Sal Afffist..... there was the guy that shot up the country music festival from the hotel a few years back.

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