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Pakistan disappointed as U.S. ties aid to bin Laden doctor


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$33,000,000,0000 fows in aid to Pakistan!!! Why in the hell is the USA giving our tax $$$ to Pakistan!! This is the teal scandal!! How many people inside of the USA need food! Housing and mesical care and we are throwing $$$ at Pakistan tonprop up that corrupt govwrnment????

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If Pakistan really did not support Al-Queda, why would they care about a doctor helping to eliminate a known terrorist living within their borders? Oh yeah, because he made them look foolish, that's why. I am going to go with Congress on this one. You want the money? Cut him loose.

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Cut him loose, grant him access to leave the country and he should seek asylum in the US or a special visa and get out of there and far gone as possible. Then once those conditions are met, give them the money and they should throw the gauntlet down, either the country keeps it's word to try to rid the country and Afghanistan of radical Islamists or forward on, no more aid.

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Scientific American: "How the CIAs Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All, The U.S. was wrong to use health workers to target Osama bin Laden"


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But using a doctor to gather informations of Mr Laden's personal confidential infos wasnt an honourable 'killing'!

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Why does the article say he helped track down bin Laden when the middle clearly indicates he didn't? Nothing he did embarrassed Pakistan. He tried to help the CIA, along with a bunch of other people, and failed miserably.

Its sounds like the U.S. already had good indication OBL was in Abbottabad even before recruiting the doctor.

And you got to appreciate the way no details about those ties to militants are mentioned in the article, thus denying those not paying attention a chance of believing those charges might be for real. The whole thing seems hell bent to give me my opinion rather than allow me to formulate one. So off I go to wiki....

....back. The militants deny the connection. But of course they would since he was working for the CIA trying to get OBL. They would lose prestige to admit a connection now. So dead end.

However, the murder charges are clearly bogus, so this is a deal of pure spite. But why? Well, I am thinking this guy is being used as a warning to others who might try to help the CIA (as he failed to actually do). An example is being made of him. And they did not directly charge him for working for a foreign espionage org because that would get America more POed than it already is, and more than 33 million would be on the line. But that is just my theory.

What I know for sure is, that if Pakistan is so mad and so hurt, they should tell the U.S. to p!$$ off and stop taking money from America. They are making it very hard for me to defend their sovereignty with regards to the OBL assassination.

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That's what to be expected from Obama, considering how him and his whole campaign spends millions for his personal vandettas and he is not alone, in truth all I can garuntee that all americans black, white, Asian and otherwise now spend time and funds that they obtain through manipulation, towards other countries to conspire against opposing factions as well as rivals. The doctor was more than likely a tool for american politicians to cover up the secrets that he holds as well as plan for next time. And the reason, global control.

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If the Pakistani's would stop talking out of both sides of their mouth - the government saying "we want to help with eliminating terrorists" while the ISS says "we love to help terrorists further our goals" then maybe we wouldn't have this problem. The larger issue is that Pakistan has nukes and the US, et. al., don't want the terrorists getting one. So on one hand you have to help the Pakistani's while holding your nose from the stench of death rising from the ISS.

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