Pakistan gives Tillerson frosty welcome after U.S. warns over Taliban havens

By Alex Brandon

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Pakistan has been vowing to eradicate terrorists of their country for decades as a ploy to get American dollars. Nothing new in the latest declaration of eliminating militants and terrorists. Terrorism is the cottage industry of Pakistan, and gullible American administrations fall for it every time. The more money we send them, the more money flows into cultivating and deploying terrorism around the world. Internal terrorism is a means for their military to control and contain the population. Tell the Indians why we are in bed with the Pakistanis, and they will believe us, that Pakistan is such a wonderful friend. 

Stop the dollars flowing into this terrorist swamp. It is a total waste of our resources feeding the Pakistani terrorism industry.

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I'm with Crazy Joe above.... Pakistan harbors most of the world's greatest "terrorist wannabees." The US needs to end it's "need of Pakistan" and worry about its nuclear arsenal and move on

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A visit is a visit. A cool reception is not the biggest factor. If Islamabad wants to be perceived as a player against terrorism, these scheduled visits need to happen.

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Let China fund Pakistan and its harboring terrorists

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