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Pakistan monsoon flooding death toll tops 1,000


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This is crazy, yet in America lake mead and other lakes and dams are virtually empty, in China the yangtze river is virtually run dry, last year there was a major allert as the three Gorges dam was at the point of collapsing, yet today there is so little water behind it, the Yangtze rive is at its lowest point since records started, yet in India and Pakistan they are having horrendous monsoons, has this got anything to do with global warming?

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To the folks in the pic. Get to higher ground FFS.

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Pakistan spent $10.5 billion on its military in 2020. I think it can handle this one on its own.

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The annual monsoon is essential for irrigating crops and replenishing lakes and dams across the Indian subcontinent, but each year it also brings a wave of destruction.

Annual monsoon? Consistent weather pattern.

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Before considering this comment: "Climate crisis, indeed. The impoverished countries are even less able to cope."

We should read the comment above by Avenger which reminds us:

"Pakistan spent $10.5 billion on its military in 2020. I think it can handle this one on its own."

If Pakistan didn't spend as much on military, including Nuclear weapons they definitely would not have to keep making a pleas to the west to provide aid for their "impoverished people".

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I hope Kishida follows up on providing more support to disaster victims here in Japan before sending anything to Pakistan.

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