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Pakistan resists U.S. push to expand terror fight


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U.S. response:

Calling all drones, calling all drones....

The U.S. doesn't need boots on the ground or carbon-based bipeds in planes in the sky to expand the war into Pakistan.

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More predator drones deeper into the entirely artificial country known as "Pakistan", until they learn the lesson.

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Pakistan is one hell of a mess. Pakistan needs to PROVE they are not terrorists, that they do not support the Taliban, do not support Alqaeduh etc...so for not as pathat says, call in many, many more DRONES, bomb the hell out of these terrorists, make understand that life after 9/11 will never be so comfy for terrorists anywhere around the world.

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Pakistan is playing a canny game.

The government needs to keep the support of the people in order to stay in power and stop the country falling into anarchy. If the various peoples believe that America is the enemy, then it is easier to stay upright. Whenever the Haqqani are hit with a drone, it is clear who is the enemy. It is not the Pakistani armed forces.

Naturally extra 'stringless' money from the US is helpful. Naturally they will not want to be told what to do and when to do it.

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Are you freakin' kidding me? The reason the Taliban has not been completely snuffed out is the fact that they have a refuge in Pakistan. Time and time again, Pakistani officials have been caught assisting them, or at the very least looking the other way. the U.S. should give the money to Darfur or something and go in there anyway to take care of business.

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TimRussert: "More predator drones deeper into the entirely artificial country known as "Pakistan", until they learn the lesson."

I know. It's a shame that GWB jumped so quickly to call Pakistan an ally in the war on terror... seems to have done very little.

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“We have our own priorities. We have our own sense of timing,” said Qureshi

Yeah your "priorities" are to keep the terroists alive and well and the "time line" is however long you are able to !!

Why piss around with drones and small bombs? Why not just give these scum bags a few mushrooms from the air!!

Soon sort the scum out would'nt it!!

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Pakistan has nuclear weapons. The government still maintains some measure of control over them. The West finds it better to try and keep her friendly, on board and in one piece. Anything else must look like a slippery slope.

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