Pakistan to execute 500 militants in coming weeks


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" PAYBack Time "!

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Good to see the paki govt starting to do something but I think they should have moved 10 or 20 years ago, I also hope they continue and hang more of these terrorist dogs, kill innocent people, kill children you should swing.

This whole place needs to be tightened up and dragged into the 21st century, it is a lawless ruthless backward place and a breeding ground for terrorists.

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Bloody enough without this, and bloodier still with it. Poor Pakistan. As long as nation states continue to exist, then Pakistan herself is the only one who can help her sort out her inner conflicts. Perhaps being an Islamic state, she has been over kind and generous with some of her agitated citizens, but has a time of reckoning now come?

Wishing her happiness and prosperity for the future.

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500 is not enough to bleed out poison from this snake. How about sanitize the whole country in and out away from the corrupted activities with Islamic militants and its affiliation in all fronts, including corrupted military and politicians. Can they do that...neh????

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Tit for tat escalation while it may appease the blood lust of those on one side will succeed only in raising the bar on terror. If only half the energy spent enforcing the status quo was to go into addressing underlying causes and bringing about some long overdue changes, none of this might be necessary.

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An eye for an eye indeed.

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Good news!

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" Live by the Sword " it is written.

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What's the alternative? Pay for these militants' food, housing, etc. etc. for the rest of their lives? They can't ever be let free, lest they destroy even more lives...

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A big dicision.

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@Serrano.....the U.S. freed them, big boys at that. And I agree with you.

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They all want to be "martyrs" anyway so now's their chance.

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