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Pakistan truckers back NATO supply route blockade


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Must not be fun being a truck driver in a dirt poor country so I really feel for our teamster union brothers driving between Pak and Afgh. When will NATO just airlift these supplies??

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The soviets having setbacks during their 9 years war in afghanistan in 1980s but they never apologises to anyone. US and her alliances having defeats during their 10 years wars in that country and apologises again and again to the one who sheltering OBL and sponsering attacks at their troops! Now you tell me who losses more 'terribly'?

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Ah, Obamas Afghanistan adventure is going just splendidly, isn´t it. The US is being bled dry for what.... a feeble extension of the current regime in Kabul? The mujahedin are living there, are going to stay, and they know that. They have all the time in the world. And the West is continuing to throw ressources and Western lives into that black hole.

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Within 5 years more or less, America and her allies will be 'dragged' into a conflict with Pakistan that made the Iraq war 'midget'! Pakistan has nuclear arsenals in hand and their people were definately frustrated, pissed off and religious fanatics, unlike saddam-era's Iraq has no nukes and secular! They will carry out mega awesome fireworks show than 911! the only method to stop them is to strike them before they strike but that will lead to a cycle of striking! Mrs Clinton's remarks the 21 century pacific is an american golden ages......she maybe too optimistic, the 'wasp nest' of south asia sub-continent is still there and those 'wasps' were angrier and deadly than ever!

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" Within 5 years more or less, America and her allies will be 'dragged' into a conflict with Pakistan that made the Iraq war 'midget'! "

If the US and Euro politicians allow themselves to get dragged into a war in Pakistan they are even stupider than I thought. And that is saying a lot.

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if you bring war to someones door and you are far far from home.that will be a mess.in just one decade look where EU and US are standing pitty. Thugs aka blackwaters ar running in Pakistan and killing citizens no one yell about !!!! Democracy PEACE lol

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