Pakistani schoolgirl shot by Taliban sent to Britain for treatment


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I hope she can recover enough to lead a somewhat normal life, and I hope she never has to see again the nation that allowed this to happen. Pakistan is only offering the reward for her assailant(s) because of the international media, and I hope aside from just offering a reward they are doing their best to crush the Taliban who still clearly have clout there.

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I hope she will be okay. Even ifher wounds heel, I heard those cowards are still trying to kill her.

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all very sad. including the fact that her "celebrity status" gets her way better medical treatment than all the other Taliban victims...

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Her love and courage has shamed people into taking action. People like this a very rare gems, in life or in death.

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The army said that a panel of Pakistani doctors and international experts now agreed that Malala needs "prolonged care to fully recover from the physical and psychological effects of trauma that she has received"

That's a good thing, it means there is a good chance for a full recovery.

Next time they hand out Noble Peace Prizes, they should consider this young lady before they consider giving it to some continent or the moon or something.

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I want to see millions of girls in Pakistan and other Muslim countries show up and speak the truth that Quran is made for the well being of the people not for some fart guys to decide who should do what, what to wear and how many times one can marry and divorce etc.. etc... Raise up all woman and girls in Islam....

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I wish her a speedy recovery.

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So why does the Pakistani governernment or a richt islamic country like Saudi Arabia do not offer this long-term specialist treatment, or at least offer to pay for it?

As it is, the Talibanis murder and maim at will, and the infidel West pays for it.

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" I hope she will be okay. Even ifher wounds heel, I heard those cowards are still trying to kill her. "

How do you come up with these labels? The Talibans are not "cowards", they are fanatic believers. They are happy to die as well as kill for their beliefs.

"Coward" is a totally wrong label.

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I agree with techall about her deserving the Nobel Peace Prize. She made millions in Pakistan turn away from admiration of the Taliban. All while in constant threat of death. That is truly a historic and utterly admirable feat.

Extremism will only ever be defeated by the will of the people, and brave people like this girl.

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