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Pakistan's Musharraf survives assassination bomb attempt


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What a sorry situation. Chilling evidence that even countries not torn apart by war can descend into chaos without proper accountability and rule of law. If Pakistan can't work, what chance Afghanistan?

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I WAS going to say I'm not sure if this is GOOD news or BAD news, but if the Taliban Is trying to kill him, then this is GOOD news that he survived.

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The only good thing about the use of suicide bombers is that it leaves less fanatics to go on killing.

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when an ordinary person get stuck in court, his case run for years until lawyers(liers) suck all his blood. in musharraf case he got lots of media attention. the reason is just people related to this case can make enough money.. finally he will leave country and will live luxury life anywhere in world. in my view its cat and mouse play between nawaz and musharraf. ( when musharraf got power , nawaz was in jail, and now nawaz in power so mushraf is in jail)

well hope. people can get better education and work hard to achieve human dignity.

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"The Taliban also vowed to send a squad of suicide bombers to kill him"

Yeah, well he pissed off the Taliban when he cooperated with the U.S. government after the Taliban-assisted 2001 terrorist attacks.

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A Muslim country with nukes is a dangerous combination. It is definitely a good thing Musharraf survived. He is tractable and not likely to do anything stupid.

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