Palestinians and Israel forces clash in Jerusalem, West Bank


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"But even rumors to the contrary are enough to spark violence." - article

The sad reality, neither side does anyone any good and just perpetuates their festering hatred. Only in a madhouse are whispers enough to drive violence and at the Temple Mount any whisper is good enough for slaughter. How holy art thou? Sickening. So far from civilized, the holiness is hypocrisy.

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Does seem like a "clash" to me.

More like one side, which is armed to the teeth, beating the crap out of the other side, which is basically defenceless.

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Palestinians and Israel forces clash in Jerusalem, West Bank

When iran really starts cashing in on Obama's flawed nuclear deal, expect more funding to the palestinians from iran in the form of daily terror on isrealis. Hezbolla ring anyone's bell?

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