Palestinians say U.S. peace efforts 'doomed to fail'


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The "peace process" has been going in circles for 40 years now, perhaps intentionally so, while Israel keeps building settlement after settlement and creeps into Palestinian territory year after year.

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The era of unwavering Arab commitment to Palestine is over.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many Arab states are now almost firmly in the U.S. sphere. The Palestinians risk their support if they don't make good faith efforts to accept a peace deal that those agree upon.

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The American involvement in peace between the arabs and jews was gone even before Trump came to office but since then it's the final nail in the coffin. 70 years of what? The Palestinians are no longer treated like human beings. Lower than dogs.

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Palestinians say U.S. peace efforts 'doomed to fail'

A little harsh, but alright. So Kushner has said that Palestinians who protested against the US are a cause of the problems and not part of the solution. So far the only "solutions" Kushner seems to have pursuing is by playing both a proxy war of a collation of Sunni states (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain) with Israel against Shiite states who collaborate with the Palestinians, and by using checkbook diplomacy as a carrot to entice the Palestinians to give up their claim to Jerusalem.

Greenblatt, who's formal career was being a real estate lawyer and an owner of a cappuccino coffee company - both of which are the sought after credentials to qualify an international peace negotiator in the Trump administration. Strangely, Greenblatt is actually in favor of a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine; however, he bizarrely thinks that the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank are somehow irrelevant to starting a peace process with the Palestinians.

All in all, when you're sending in these two clueless masters of disaster to negotiate a fragile peace deal when they seem to not know what the Israelis or the US want; let alone what the Palestinians want, what could possibly go wrong?

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The various deals that have been suggested over the years leave Palestinians with very little land. Land that has been encroached upon since the 1920s, at the very least.

Promises were repeatedly made but nothing came out of them. No wonder they don't have any faith in US "efforts".

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Things have gotten so much worse since Trump arrived.

I thought he was a master negotiator? He could have easily gotten a concession from Israel to restart the peace talks with the embassy move, but as was saw once again Trump was too weak to ask a strong leader for a concession so he rolled over and got nothing in return.

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Not all the actions of the Israeli Jews can be blamed on the Arabs, like the building of Jewish settlements on Arab land or the seizure of the natural resources like water.

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Nope, the US is not solely party to blame for the peace between Palestinian and Israeli. The problem is both Palestinian and Israeli do not want peace for their difference reasons.

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U.S. efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are "doomed to fail", the Palestinian Authority, which has frozen contacts with Washington because of its perceived bias, said Saturday.

All efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have been doomed to failure from the very start. The Palestinians require the destruction of Israel before any so-called progress will be agreed to. Palestinian hatred of Jews goes back to the Grand Mufti's association with Hitler, some 70 years ago.

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