Pandemic's economic fallout will worsen conflicts: U.N. diplomats


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who cares about these conflicts, who cares about poverty, homelessness, hunger as a direct result of fear from covid? Let's lockdown because Covid-19 is so dangerous that is killing less than 2% of infected people whom mostly obese, unhealthy, immunocompromised, with underlying heart conditions. Virus is the new front of govt control. We had communism, then terrorism, then global warming, to keep the fear out of the stupid masses but the virus???perfect, everybody is so informed that they don't know what is a real dangerous one. Ebola and Marburg kills 80%. Even an Asian hornet killed about 50 Million people but yeah go and hide because the virus is coming to get you and give you a runny nose.

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world leaders committed to ending all foreign meddling in Libya's civil war

unprecedented levels" of interference in the war-torn country, where Russia and Turkey back rival factions.

I guess Putin and Erdogan ignored the message. As did the other 'world' leaders who must have also turned their backs while they and their oil/gas corporations financed and armed their respective factions.

Long passed time to move away from the fossil economy and the wars fought over control of oil and gas for the benefit of the globe's 'elite'.

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Pandemic's economic fallout will worsen conflicts

End the friggin' lockdowns now.

Long passed time to move away from the fossil economy

Whatever happened to fusion energy? Because solar, wind and nuclear just ain't cuttin' it, we still need to burn fossil fuels.

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