Pandemic inflames violence against women

By Jessica Lopez

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A man who hits a woman is not a man.

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"I had nowhere to go," she said. "I could barely move my body -– he beat me to pulp, my body was swollen."


But that is what I said already from the beginning of the pandemic: These stupid lockdowns causes more problems than the virus itself.

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It's not Covid19 or the Lockdowns that are causing this. These conditions have existed previously. It's just that Covid19, the lockdowns and restrictions, the economic impact are all allowing them to come out.

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Pandemic inflames violence against women

It is not the pandemic, it is those illegal exaggerated lockdowns that cause these problems. Once again, media misrepresentation.

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Tamara Mathebula of the South African Commission for Gender Equality described a chronic "toxic masculinity" that was "everywhere you look".

"There are gender pay gaps which are widening and continue to widen during the COVID-19 pandemic," she told AFP.

"Gender-based violence worsened" as a result, she said, and the potential consequences were very serious.

Article could be a textbook illustration of correlation does not equal causation.

It seems all the examples given had pre-existing conditions of unaddressed social problems like substance abuse and economic disparities apart from easy targets like "toxic masculinity" and lockdowns.

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But that is what I said already from the beginning of the pandemic: These stupid lockdowns causes more problems than the virus itself

While some measures have indeed negative effects e.g. patients with other diseases not being able to have access to medical etc, I have to disagree with you: domestic violence is not one of those.

Someone who’d be capable of hitting a woman during a lockdown, would have eventually done it in other circumstances.

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This is what I was going to say. very well put.

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So illegal they aren’t tossed by judges.

thats because they don't get to the judges. Police know its a scam and are starting to push back on politicians

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Domestic violence against any gender is disgusting. Leave an abusive partner as soon as possible. Seek help immediately.

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The house is the most dangerous place for women...

Yes, in tents, caves or in the woods it would be much better, or what? No, it’s the behavior and mental state of the people in the house, which means that both sides should ask themselves what is wrong with their own behavior, not only one side. It doesn’t work if both want to be the boss at the same time and it also doesn’t work if only one is the boss all the time.

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Real men don’t hit women: ever. Blaming it on the pandemic is coward’s argument.

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Huh, I know plenty of people who have been in lockdown that haven’t beat women. It’s almost as if the problem is the men and not the lockdown. Funny, that.

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A man who hits a woman is not a man????? Are you living in the 16th century? Do you pay your cape down over a puddle so a fair maiden doth not get her feet wet. What's the difference between a big guy who can fight hitting a smaller guy, who has been physically aggressive to him and guy doing that to a woman. Your choice of words have nothing to do with domestic violence. Domestic violence is never acceptable, both when afflicted upon either man not woman. But make no mistake, if women want equally then this kind of thinking ' a man hits a woman is not a man' goes out the window. You can't cherry pick parts of equality you want. A man who hits a man or woman who is being physically aggressive is a man. The same is true for a woman. Nothing at all to do with dv.

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In Brazil, 648 murders of women were recorded in the first half of the year, a small increase from the same period in 2019 according to the Brazilian Forum for Public Security.

That’s a lot of people- which is sad - but I am guessing that many times more men than women are murdered in Brazil and elsewhere in the world for that matter. The point of the article is also undermined by the fact that the data shows only a small increase from last year. That could be nothing but statistical variation and not an indication of a relationship with the pandemic keeping people at home. Correlation does not prove causation- and the article does not even show that.

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