Pandemic to cost global tourism $2 trillion in 2021: U.N.

By Valentin BONTEMPS and Mathieu GORSE

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I know it's "just" tourism, but it is an industry on which millions depend for their livelihood and it's nice to travel. I was preparing my first trip home in over 2 years and now it is in serious jeopardy. Damn.......

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Before the pandemic, the tourism sector accounted for about 10 percent of the world's gross domestic product and jobs.

And accounted for over 8% of total global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Staycations and occasional special trips abroad need to become the norm rather than the rush for ever cheaper foreign travel.

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What is the photo of by the way?

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Vienna, Austria but cant quite figure out what it is.

Vienna Cathedral?

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Thanks again china, for infecting the world

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Well perhaps so, but in Japan, it is going to cost us, the TAX PAYER money.

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How about the cost of lives ?

Whats more valuable to you protecting loved ones and family members ?

Or bringing them a deadly virus for the holiday season.

If you care so much then by all means stay home and don't travel .

protect those you cherish

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Send the bill to China, they've trashed the world with this, and their catastrophically deceitful ways.

The free democratic countries of the world and their governments must find ways of making China pay for this.

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Covid could cost global tourism $1 trillion

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People not staying their butts homes, spread the virus, 60 passenger out of 600 tested positive for Covid Google KLM Covid

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Thanks to Xi.

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