Pelosi vows to pass infrastructure, eyes smaller social bill


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"And we have to find our common ground, respectful of each other's views … this isn't about moderates versus progressives."

Nonsense. Of course it is.

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West Virginia is one of the highest recipients per capita of Federal largess of any state in the country. If Sen. Manchin is so concerned about this, perhaps he ought to get his own state in order and stop holding out his hand so often.

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Senator Manchin’s state voted for Trump. So he needs to represent his constituents not just blindly do what Biden wants.

Biden did give his wife a cushy job last year so that will come into play at some point I’m sure.

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needs to represent his constituents

Yes, by supporting the infrastructure bill. West Virginians will benefit.

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Pres. Biden needs the perception of a win after a truly disastrous month. So the original infrastructure bill will finally pass. As for the bloated pork-filled monster that is looming afterwards, good luck with that. Time for the government to at least make the pretense of living within its means.

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Pelosi vows to pass infrastructure bill:

'At risk of collapse', she vowed that Democrats will pass the bipartisan $3.5 trillion social safety & climate change bill.

Does she truly understand the risks and perils involved, yet bulldozing her way through blindly..?

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It’s a desperation move.

any “favors” due or any “blackmail” the Dems have on each other will come into play to get everyone to vote how they “supposed to”.

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