Papal letter fails to calm anger over Irish sex abuses


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Apologizing and taking responsibility are two totally different things. I think the Pope failed at his job.

Pope, who himself stands accused of approving the transfer of an accused priest for treatment rather than informing German police during his 1977-82 term as Munich archbishop,

Another example of leadership by position and not example.

I said a month ago, this was about gay priest. The Catholic Church will continue to practice your voodoo and protecting the priest from prosecution despite the harming of children. That's a major sin. But the Pope will be forgiven, huh? < :-)

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Don't worry, they won't escape the FINAL judgment. It's bad enough that "normal" people do such things. But, lets hear how priests, and bishops, etc answer when God asks them why.

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child-abusing priests could have been expelled quickly

child-abusing priests SHOULD have been ARRESTED quickly.

adaydream, according to the Christian dogma, if you believe Christ is the son of god and your savior, yes, the Pope will be forgiven in heaven. Cool religion, eh? Sin as ye please.

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Damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you believe keeping church influence alive and the word of God spreading was the most important thing, the cover-up decision made sense. All they did was delay the outrage all the while hoping it might all pass. But the church would not have been saved this outrage for fessing up sooner. The Catholic church is and always has been a haven for pederasty, and now only more so since the military did away with drummer boys!

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Down through the ages the Catholic hierarchy and the pope have been guilty of cover ups and involvement in such despicable acts as "Witch hunting" the Spanish Inquisition, refusing to acknowledge the Genocide of the Jews and recently cover ups to protect legions of pedophiles within its ranks. The pope is deemed as "Infallible" - down through the ages they have been anything but infallible.

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I quit organized religion a long time ago. So I have no church leaders, per se. But I have to ask, why Catholics remain to support the came leaders over and over who have shown their support for the pediphiles and not for the children/boys.

Here we have the Pope, who allowed bad priest to continue, giving an apology with out taking responsibility for his actions. < :-)

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