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Paralyzed woman drinks coffee with thought-guided robot arm


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The blind will see, limbs will be regenerated, etc. Amazing stuff. Hope the breakthroughs never end.

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This is exactly what my brother needs who has been suffering with ALS (Lou Gehring) in the past 15 years, so we can communicate. His mind very sharp (scientist) while his has been trapped inside his own body. Great invention!

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So now we won't need security guards any more. We can all have personal robots and use them (via thinking) to kick ass for us.

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Cathy Hutchinson made history by using only her thoughts to get a robotic arm to grasp a flask of coffee on a table

Akira has come to life...

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In the future , we may be able to "command " enemy's soldiers just surrender and go to our side. Great !

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How refreshing to read such extraordinary news! A little too late for two of my friends but how wonderful for all the other sufferers!

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This is certainly a much better application than the brainwave-operated "nekomimi" cat ears that were on here a month or so ago.

One question: did this event happen last MONTH, or 13 months ago? If it was over a year ago, it took an awfully long time for the "news" to get out.

On April 12 last year, 58-year-old Cathy Hutchinson made history by using only her thoughts to get a robotic arm to grasp a flask of coffee on a table, lift it and hold it to her lips for a sip, the researchers said.

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Answer: Last year. It took the scientists that long to get their research paper published.

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She commanded a robot arm with her thoughts alone? Heck, my wife has been doing that to me for years.

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will wonders never cease? just last year some new braces were unveiled to help older people or peopl with leg problems to move on their own and now we can get robotic limbs assist those who need it as well.

if we keep this up eventually we will be able to develop organs and limps for the needy and they wont have to take a billion antirejection pills just to live. =)

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compliments to the Dev team for making this work

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