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Paris backs veil ban, police after weekend of clashes


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It has been said of the culture clash regarding how Islam spreads like wild fire all over the world. This is just a tip of an iceberg for things to come as Islam never stop from marching since the day of Mecca conquering. When you in Rome, you better behave as Roman....not for Islam. Most peoples are still live in fantasy island regarding this critical issue.

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"full-face veil"

Darth Vader would approve.

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What is funny is how ignorant are most of the people on this issue.Islam this, Moozlims that.

The same who were in charge in France whether socialist and UMP are the one who were demonizing the Far right Front National for its anti-immigrant policies, saying that immigrants are a chance for the country and blah blah and these same people are the one who are making anti-Muslims law, blaming Muslims for this and that.Those Muslims they are blaming are those immigrants they were calling a chance for the republic.How hypocritical!

And still they are allowing more and more immigrants, legalizing more illegals to later blame them and their Islam for every problems France have.There were Muslims in France for centuries and it has never been a problem, and if they were a problem why letting them in again and again , promoting diversity to just make laws to restrict their freedom and demonize their faith.I'm not even talking about the native french (francais de souche) who are converted to Islam.

Looks to me like some just want a clash between the native secular french and the Muslim immigrants.If not why let them in at the first place?

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A woman should be free to wear whatever she likes miniskirt or "full-face veil". It is not men's place to meddle..

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you are the one living in fantasy and talking about things you have no knowledge of. There are 6 millions of France, if they wanted to "conquer" France it would not have been few hundreds people demonstrating, those laws would not have passed without violent protests at the first place.

The majority of the Muslim community in France only cares about their everyday business but the media is focusing on rare cases of problems from the immigrant community who are portrayed as Muslims.

If the topic interests you that much, you should try to find answer to these questions :

Why the ruling parties (PS and UMP) demonize the Front National who wants stricter immigration policies?

Why are the PS and UMP had accepted and accepting more and more immigrants (including Muslim immigrants), call them a chance for the republic to blame them and their Islam for every problems?

Why France has promoted anti-republic, anti-police and anti-white(native french) aggressive rap as culture to the children of the 1st immigrants? Those 1st immigrants many from Algeria were Muslims and had never been a problem and suddenly problems are appearing from the 2nd generation.
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@AwayFromChaos, I think wearing the veil is because of men don`t want woman to show their body to others.

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@MrNate No actually those women believe that as Muslim they should wear veil. In Islam veiling oneself is a must for women, but the boundaries of this veiling is interpreted differently. In some sects they believe veil is a must, in some they believe wearing a scarf is enough. It all comes down to what you choose to believe and if you think veil is a must by you free will, no one should meddle with your way of life.

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France belongs to the French. Leave them alone. Nobody is in prison like the woman who was raped in Dubai. Now that is a cause that should be considered.

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Part of me says that if people want to stick to their own customs without being harassed, then stay in countries where these customs are accepted. And part of me says let people wear what they want without bothering them. Overall I guess my dislike for the prejudice of women under Arabic (not sure i think this is Islamic but more cultural) mores outweighs my dislike for the State interfering in what people think and wear.

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France has every right to defend herself from becoming Francestan?? Another Afghanistan?? If you don't like it, get back on da plane! As the locals in Hawaii would say.

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If the integrity of your culture and security of your state cannot survive a headscarf you may want to seriously evaluate your priorities.

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Three cheers for the French Government. The full veil is a symbol of the oppression of women,but its more than that, it is an expression of inequality towards ordinary people who are not of the Islamic religion. As a man, I cannot get through airport security if I am wearing sunglasses or a cap. Im asked to remove them, yet these totally veiled women are allowed through. I am offended by that. If these people wish to be part of Western Society and live in the West, then they must adapt to our ways with regard to what is the acceptable dress code. If I visit Saudia Arabia, there are many things that I cannot do, as a Western Christian. The Christian church is persecuted in many Muslim countries, yet these people have complete freedom of religion. With regard to the wearing of the Burkha, it is unacceptable to most people in Western countries. My children are scared to see a woman totally veiled, coming towards them. There is also the question of security. Its well known that sometimes male terrorists have dressed as women wearing Burkhas. The French government are completely right in banning this thing. I hope other countries follow suit.

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Today France has to deal with the full veil issue, and stay tune for tomorrow there will be more cultural clashes to come. ISLAMIZATION IS A PROCESS. There are moderate, liberal, extremist in all religions, and with oil money, it gives rise to more power to Wahabism, radicalism to advance their causes.The whole world has to deal with it from various clashes between Sunni and Shiite, Egyptians crisis and more to follow. Governments, institutions, each family and individual must take responsibility to be a productive factor for well being of humanity. Can Islam live in peace with other religions, the Dhimmitude without too demanding and setting such example as blowing up Buddha statue like in Afghanistan?

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People must be free to practice their religion, or absence of one. However, the law of the land takes precedence. If something about the religion violates the law, then the practice must cease. Polygamy is another example. If the practitioner can not or refuses to comply, then that person should relocate to a more accommodating locale.

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If you are so uptight about your religion that you want to wear this kind of thing then why in the hell would you ever want to live in a hedonistic, materialistic, amoral country like France in the first place? Beggars belief.

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This is funny, let me see a French woman try to walk around in tight jeans in Saudi Arabia etc..what would the Taliban say there?? Now, if the Taliban lovers do not want to live in France follow its laws, culture, who is forcing them to stay???? I really doubt they are being forced to stay in "evil" France. My guess, these guys want to have French poontang on the side, but make sure their own women are covered from head to toe so as not to give them horny French guys any "funny" ideas, right?? Same BS in the UK etc..they want to play both sides of the coin, like I am so holy so I will only get non Muslim girls drunk, in bed, drugged up, but go back home and pretend that you only had a long hard day of work?? Well this is what the BBC shows, and I want to see these guys try anything similar in Mexico or the rest of Latin America!

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