Parts of Sydney go into lockdown as Delta COVID-19 variant outbreak grows

By Renju Jose

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I dont get it....doesnt the Sydney mayor need to hold a few weeks of " expert meetings first to even consider a response. Isnt that how it goes?

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So who gave him?

Probably one of the foreign air crew he was transporting.

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This country (which we have been told it has beaten the virus a few weeks ago) just knows lockdowns. It just knows that. But no words on why it has not properly vaccinated its fragile population in order to prevent a surge in severe cases. It had months to do that.

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Downtown Sydney and the city's eastern suburbs, which include Bondi Beach, will go into a one week lockdown from midnight Friday as authorities struggle to contain a spike in the highly contagious Delta COVID-19 virus variant in the city.

Anyone living there have any insight on how it feels to enter a sudden lockdown? In Tokyo it is mainly lip service and some shops close early but that is about it.

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And wouldn't the crew have been jabbed up anyway? Some things are really sus about the efficacy of the vaccines.

95% efficacy means 1 in 20 people can still catch it.

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With less than 5% of the population fully vaccinated, Australia can look forward to more Covid-19 scares. Both Australia and Japan were slow to get on the vaccine bandwagon, but at least Japan is finally administering a million shots a day.

Japan, population 125 million.

Australia, population 25 million.

One would think that Australia would be able to get vaccinated before Japan, but that is not what is happening.

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about a potential super-spreader event in a salon where three staff were infected and over 900 clients visited between June 15 and 23.

What kind of salon are they talking about ? Is that an air salon, or a place for adults ?

60 cases, not a big deal for the time being, hoping everyone is fine.

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Sydney needs to go into seven day lockdown, not just a few suburbs. It has already spread out of those suburbs.

Nobody has said this is over or even close to over. At least another six months to a year before we can say we are close to that and it means constant vigilance and cooperation to keep deaths from occurring.

Sydney making the same errors Melbourne did before it needed a long shutdown to regain control.

Go hard and go early, that's the ticket.

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AMA President Omar Khorshid said the latest restrictions were "not quite enough" and urged officials to place the entire city under lockdown.

Gotta do it.

I don't get why so few people have been vaccinated yet.

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When the Delta variant spreads in Japan will they actually lock down or just ask people to stay home and thousands will go to the shrines to offer prayers

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Yeh, let’s do lockdown & destroy lots of other struggling businesses.

Easy to constantly blurt this out (lockdown) when you’re able to work at home in your pyjamas and still get your full salary.

Many people don’t have that luxury.

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If you thought the days of the cranked open to the max money spigot were over, you ain’t seen nuffin yet. The public demands cargo, so the ghost of John Frum will be summoned anew and the goodies dispenser is being primed for another burl.

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95% efficacy means 1 in 20 people can still catch it.

Ummm, no! That’s not what the 95% efficacy rate means at all. It’s simply statistical shorthand comparing vaccinated and non vaccinated groups likelihood of catching the virus assuming equal exposure. Only a few in the protected first group would still get it. In the non protected second group, however, there would be a much greater likelihood.

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95% efficacy means 1 in 20 people can still catch it.

It's interesting when people post things that they think makes it show they know what they're talking about, while being entirely clueless that their post actuallyl proves they don't know what they're talking about by its very wording.

Hint: that's now how efficacy works.

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