Pelosi out to block Trump if disputed election ends in House


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Proper and necessary thing to do considering that Trump has refused to declare that he would accept a peaceful transfer. This is a man that would destroy the country first before giving up the office. I only hope history records his presidency accurately so that we may never repeat this again.

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Ahead of the election, Trump has refused to say whether he would uphold the nation’s tradition

The single most anti-American politician in US history. The US and global alt right along with Xi, Putin and Erdogan are loving it.

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Under election law the House would intervene if the Electoral College gave no presidential candidate the majority Jan. 6.  Pelosi is openly working to block President Donald Trump's advantage if, as he has suggested, he ties up the results of the Nov. 3 election.

In other words, Pelosi and Democrats will interfere and pull every dirty little trick to nullify any Trump advantage and tie up the results of the election to buy time to make sure every count, recount and re-recount until Biden wins.

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Pelosi said she had been working “sub rosa” on her plan for some time but decided to go public once Trump did, too.

Pelosi began working "sub rosa" for four years to undermine every effort of whichever Republican candidate beat ol' what's-her-name to become the duly elected President of the U.S. since before the Republican candidate was even sworn in to office. Pelosi has been working "sub rosa" for years to blame Trump for a totally bogus charge of "collusion" with Russians. Pelosi has been the queen of "sub rosa" political skulduggery for decades.

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