McConnell seeks to push Trump impeachment trial to February


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While a handful of Senate Republicans have indicated they are open to conviction, most have said they believe a trial will be divisive and questioned the legality of trying a president after he has left office.

And most of them would like to see Trump convicted and disqualified from running again but would rather have Democrats do it for them...

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arguing a full reckoning is necessary before the country — and the Congress — can move on.

The Republicans in the insurrectionist caucus need to go on record for all to see whether they support the country or Trump. It's a binary situation, after all.

If the Trump Republicans continue their approach to further divide the nation, it will be even more difficult for the country to move on.

Though the Trump backers remain a minority, as was seen on the deadly attack on the capitol they are viciously violent.

Vote out the Trump Republicans. Vote in pols willing to support the democratic principles the republic's built on, not those who want to undermine them.

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The United States is a divided country. The World is watching. Pelosi isn't promoting unity. She is driving a wedge between the opposing sides.

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Do it quickly because SDNY want their turn.

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so you’re promoting that people should be allowed to get away with their crimes ? All in the name of unity

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Nancy is doing what the GOP was and is too cowardly to do: hold a criminal bully to account.

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She’s right. Law and Order. Can’t let crimes escape scrutiny and punishment.

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Yeah, impeachment. Not like there is anything else going on that needs their undivided attention...

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Yeah, impeachment. Not like there is anything else going on that needs their undivided attention...

Contrary to the previous one, this administration has enough staff on hand to multi-task. Also, president Biden is not involved in the impeachment process, so he can work on "anything else" freely with his aides and various experts.

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Yeah, impeachment. Not like there is anything else going on that needs their undivided attention...

Maybe you’d feel better and back in familiar waters if Pelosi played golf instead.

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More republican senators are against Trump than during the first one.

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Yeah, impeachment. Not like there is anything else going on that needs their undivided attention...

I'm only familiar, and vaguely so with what all elected US officials do. But in the bits I've followed over the years I've noticed the range of issues they have to deal with at pretty much the same time is extensive. In your country do politicians only handle a single issue at a time?

So yeah, impeachment, too.

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Instead of a smorgasbord of charges pertaining to the numerous crimes and misdemeanors the rogue former Potus willfully and unwittingly committed, the sole article of impeachment is the typical sloppy work of the bumbling Dems' amateur hour strategy which will give the wretch more wriggle room than he deserves. Still, it looks like a bi-partisan momentum is slowly building to prevent the miscreant's return to politics "in some form".

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McConnell, who said this week that Trump “provoked” his supporters before the riot, has not said how he will vote. He told his GOP colleagues that it will be a vote of conscience.

Mitch "The Snake" McConnell is playing his usual crafty game...

He says he's giving Trump more time to prepare his defense, but my take is he's allowing more time for tapes, videos, and other media to come out showing how viscous and violent Jan 6th was - and allow for more interviews from the insurrectionists who all claim "I was sent here by Trump"...

As both Obama and Trump have said, McConnell only cares about power - and Trump denied him his power by sabotaging the Georgia Senate race...

The Snake is plotting his revenge...

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He's attempting to give them time to find political cover for not voting to impeach. The longer they wait, the more they'll be harassed by their rural red constituents, and the 148 GOP seditionists in Congress will then declare that it's all behind us now, and that they want to heal the country. Just watch, and supress your gag reflex when it happens. Pelosi should strike while the iron is hot, and the attack on Congress is fresh in people's minds. Bring him back in cuffs.

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