Pence calls Harris to offer assistance ahead of U.S. power transfer next week

By Jeff Mason and Trevor Hunnicutt

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Trump spent the weeks since the Nov 3 election questioning its integrity and claiming falsely that he won.

Media bias, blah blah, bubble, blah blah.

Nope, he lost. There is no debating this.

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In the final weeks VP Pence was more presidential than Trump. Trump went to talk to a wall.

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Pence's call to Harris was the latest step by the vice president to uphold some of the political norms that Trump has shattered.

It's good to hear that, but hard NOT to think Pence is just trying to distance himself somewhat from Trump and the Republican insurrectionists. After all, Pence wants to run for president in 2024.

But for me it's too late: Pence was Trump's butler for the last 4 years. He bootlicked Trump, fully supporting the worst president in US history.

Pence was fully involved and needs to be held accountable for his role in the Trump regime. Pence is also responsible for the problems left behind by Trump.

And it should never be forgotten Pence has supported the Republican's anti-democracy movements by saying elections are rigged.

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"Hi Kamala, congratulations....

I'm sure you'll enjoy your new job - you get to work for an adult...I've had to serve an imbecile with the emotional capacity of a two-year old for four years"...

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