U.S. announces Space Force plan for 'next battlefield'

By Lolita C Baldor

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If we tell Trump there will be a Chinese colony on Mars in 2020, human would set foot there in not time.

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Space Farce is more like it. They don't want to commit a few hundred million to deal with Russian cyber attacks on the U.S., yet they want to waste billions of taxpayer dollars for this nonsense.

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a President of the Federation invoked the Star Wars initiative.

Even the director of the movie poured scorn on the idea.

At least he could tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction (in spite of his clunky screenplays).

BSG anyone?

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Instead of providing healthcare for all Americans like they promised. They want to throw a large amount of money into a plan that can't really by measured within this president's lifetime. Even the military thinks it is nonsense. More distractions from the Russian investigation.

SPACE FORCE ***s! The United States of Space! Mars, Red Rocks, son!

--Dave Chappelle

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Pointing to growing threats and competition from Russia and China,

Fear mongering. Which of the US war industries will profit most, and have already profited, from this? Health care? Infrastructure? Forgetaboutit. Big war inc. demands moar.

@oldman They don't want to commit a few hundred million to deal with Russian cyber attacks on the U.S., 

The cyber attacks are beneficial to Republicans. And the Russians buying fake news ads in NRA and other rightist publications makes those organizations richer so they can contribute even more $$$ to the politicians they already control and to GOP coffers.

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Look over there...... more distractions from the child in charge. Been watching too many Hollywood blockbusters.

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to prepare for the next battlefield where America's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat a new generation of threats to our people, to our nation


U.S. adversaries have "pursued weapons to jam, blind and disable our navigation and communication satellites via electronic attacks from the ground."

Then the battlefield is on the ground isn't it...?

And I thought this idea couldn't get any more ridiculous...

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Why do some people in this country think that we have some kind of inalienable right to dominate space?

Meanwhile, our schools and bridges fall apart...

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One way to mitigate the need or at least protect the USA from a massive attack on its satellites is to push for more fiber optic cables throughout the USA. The more you rely on Satellites the more vulnerable you are.

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You all can admit anytime you want that you dislike this only because it comes from Trump.

If the last guy did it, you would be saying how cool, visionary and forward thinking it is.

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Sure. Waste billions on militarising space, rather than international co-operation in exploring and learning together.

Much better than saving lives of those living in poverty.

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No, dislike it because 'Merica thinks that owns the universe and everything contained within. Feels the need to play the libertarian and the moral crusader of the world.... They have just as much dirty laundry as any other country.

And yes, I really hate Trump and everything he stands for.

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Seems I talk too soon ! Trump's campaign ask people to vote for a Space Force logo !

"President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE - a groundbreaking endeavour for the future of America and the final frontier," read the email from the Trump campaign.

"As a way to celebrate President Trump's huge announcement, our campaign will be selling a new line of gear."

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And I guess it will made and sold by some Trump affiliated company, made in Vietnam and China like his daughter's clothes.

And Christ, who designed the logos? Trump himself?

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I generally support things like this. It creates good paying jobs and keeps us ahead of the competition, plus it tends to create civilian applications.

Of course I have no idea about the costs or the specifics or effectiveness, but I suppose that information will come over time.

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Space cadet Trump has already taken the country to absurdity...and way beyond. It's time for the Force to bring him back down to earth before he bankrupts the economy with his reckless brainf*rts that always erupt whenever he rabbits on about random topics before his wacky base at Trump's Travelling Circus. Space Force? Only if the Mexicans are gonna pay for it!

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Herodotus tells us about an ancient king who declared war on the wind, then led his entire army out into the desert to chase after it. They all died and the kingdom collapsed.

Its the closest historic parallel in stupidity to Trump’s Space Force thatI can think of.

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"Now the time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces, to prepare for the next battlefield where America's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat a new generation of threats to our people, to our nation," said Pence.

So we're not even in space yet, and already some people are planning for war when we get there. You can almost see them salivating at the prospect. "I'm gonna be the new Han Solo..." ..."No! I wanna be Han Solo!"

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You all can admit anytime you want that you dislike this only because it comes from Trump.

If the last guy did it, you would be saying how cool, visionary and forward thinking it is.

If he would have actually solved more pressing matters like healthcare, infrastructure, immigration, and economy then pursuing some other possible long term goal will be admirable. He has broken all of those promises from his campaign so far.

Instead he has caused more problems than he had when he started. He has made healthcare, immigration, international relations, trade and the national debt worse within a short period time. Everytime he is screws something up, he blatantly lies about it, and he finds another way to distract from the problem he just created. Not to mention vilifying anyone who brings up his failures. A poll recently showed that half of the Republicans in the US wish that Dump can shutdown the media whenever he wants. They don't to hear about all of his failings, but they didn't mind when their favorite networks attempted to do it with the 44th president. Fascism much?

Russia has already defeated us because they helped get this incompetent person elected greatly diminishing the US credibility in the world ruining the country from within. His numerous bankruptcies are a testament to that. We haven't even touched all the possible criminal acts that he might get charged with down the line. Follow the money!

In any other situation, Dump would have been fired by now.

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If you like the Space Force but don't like universal healthcare, you have won the right to be ejected into space! Congrats!

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You all can admit anytime you want that you dislike this only because it comes from Trump.

No, I can say unequivocally that this would have been a stupid idea coming from anyone’s mouth.

Of course what you say is something of a truism - only Trump would come up with something this stupid. So to the extent that Trump and stupidity coincide, I guess it makes sense.

Needless to say Trump supporters only like this idea because Trump pronounced it. It’s not even something he campaigned on and more or less just serves as further proof that a certain segment of the population will swallow any idea no matter how idiotic so long as it comes a yelling face that they like.

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Decline and Fall of the US Empire.  More and more money wasted on spurious military stuff like this and on bombing and killing totally non threatening nations......

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Time for China to call in the loans

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I am all for getting out there in space. But for the right reasons.

Mars is dead. The Moon worse. Anything other planet or moon out there is just too cold to survive. And how stupid of name is Space Force? Why couldn't have been something other than Space Force? Seriously? How dumb! All dumb dumb dumb and dumber! I agree with anyone on this moronic branch that is opposed. No matter where you flop yourself on the isle. I am going to stand with you on this one. The next POTUS will kill this off quickly I am sure of it. God let's hope so before we see Space Force soldiers walking around with Space Force uniforms. This is so dumb.

Here is an idea. Focus on the more on the planets out there in the goldilocks zones. That is where your going to find life on another planet. And seriously if we did find life. Do you think they want to come here? To Earth?

They will be thinking. That's the ghetto planet man! Earth is savage! Do not want to go there man.

Live long and prosper!

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BlacklabelToday 08:21 am JST

If the last guy did it, you would be saying how cool, visionary and forward thinking it is.

The last guy DIDN'T do it, and wouldn't have done it because it's just a really stupid idea.

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Look at this photo of Mattis.

What came to mind when I looked at this photo once more.

Mattis looks like Darth Sidious. You don't know the powers of the Dark Space Force. Hands up while lighting bolts shoot out of his finger tips. Gonna have to photo shop this. Memes galore on the horizon!

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This great news! About time the U.S. rises to challenge Russia and China's military space program and the threat to the U.S.

It seems that its okay for China and Russia to implement "their" Space Force, but not the U.S.

It was same with President Reagan's SDI. The leftists and liberals widely ridiculed and denounced the program while ignoring the fact the Soviets were building the same thing. deny China's and Russia's space program has military goals?

China's space program is a extension of their global military expansionism on Earth. The Chinese understand that whoever controls space around Earth orbit and the Moon, controls the Earth.

The liberals complain about "billions of dollars wasted", but China isn't concerned about the cost of their military space program. The liberals complained about the cost of the U.S. space program back in the 1960s and 1970s, but can you deny the spin-off technology and benefits the space program yielded? Electronics, communication and computer technology advanced exponentially as a result of space technology.

The Space Force will have future technology spin-off benefits just as military expenditures throughout the last century yielded technological advances and benefits for civilians. For example, commercial aviation was significantly advanced by the military; Jet engines was developed by the German and British military during World War II. It later revolutionized commercial air travel in the late 1950s and expanded international travel. The Boeing and Airbus passenger jets are a direct descendent of the Boeing B-47 and B-52 bombers. The atomic bomb also yielded many benefits in biology and medical applications and so forth.

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good call.... have to have a go myself..

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Is Mike Pence turning orange?

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It rubbed off.....

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It rubbed off.....


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Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters..."I would assume it's billions,"

You totally wish to the umpteenth degree. The moment your braindead self decided to created this boondoggle of an organization, that insane idea of it of "only" costing billions (of wasted tax payer dollars) went out the window in less than a microsecond.

the president directed the Pentagon to create a "separate but equal"...

Can't dunce-ski for a moment ever get away from both injecting historically charged racial connotations, and his personal obsession with abolishing the 14th Amendment? Obviously its a stretch to think the brainiac at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has ever heard of case Plessy v. Ferguson. Obviously it wasn't on one of those Saturday morning three-minute skits of "Schoolhouse Rock!" under the "America Rock" series, as to get the gist of what the concept is about.

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Remember when my daughter was studying Japanese history in English and couldn't stop laughing at the phrase, "Boats. With guns. Gunboats."

We'll see who has the last laugh. It likely won't be Homo sapiens.

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This is interesting:

Why Trump's Space Force should be taken seriously

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Wow, this is dumb on so many levels (and would be equally as dumb no matter which president pushed for this). Communication and spy satellites already form a part of overall military intelligence. What is Space Force going to do? Add an extra layer of bureaucracy to a process that already exists? Fit the satellites with machine guns? Station armed soldiers in orbit to protect them? Hey, it's not like the country is running an annual deficit...

It even seems that even the apologists who are trying to say that this is a good thing on the sole basis that it came from Trump are clutching at straws over this one. Doesn't matter if you're left or right, tall or short... this idea is just plain dumb.

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"Wow, this is dumb on so many levels'

Maybe not. Oh my...

Trump’s Space Force plan isn’t crazy: Neil deGrasse Tyson

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It is great news to put unproven nukes in space for the cause of democracy.

other news...Right now, it's tracking about 23,000 objects larger than a softball above Earth, and roughly 14,000 of these are uncontrolled — and at risk of creating more debris.

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@weasel. Still 3 billion is missing from Iraq, so factor in 100 billion.

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"I would assume it's billions," he said.

Why spend billions when you can spend - trillions.

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Erm, since when did America own space?

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Pence and Mattis have just joked about how ridiculous their boss' idea is but they have to play along because it's too scary to tell Chump the truth.

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No extra money, that would be my requirement. They can take the $8B claimed from other areas. I'm thinking TSA, NSA, DHS. Or the existing USAF Space Command's budget.

This is purely a political move to raise awareness with other space-capable countries that the USA is watching and has effective measures to counteract any offensive actions.

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"Pence and Mattis have just joked about how ridiculous their boss' idea is but they have to play along because it's too scary to tell Chump the truth."

That's some wild imagination ya got there, serendipitous.

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Finally .... :

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Or even :

I hear they’re recruiting for a sarge.

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I really like Michael Pence. He will make a great President when Trump steps down in 6 years. He never backs down, and looks like a Strongman which Japanese like. Remind me of GEorge W Bush.

By the way., Space Force is a great idea. My dream is Japan will follow the USA and start up Japan Space Force in 5-10 years, and be prepared to join together with USA to fight other nations in Space, if ever needed.

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