Biden certified as winner of Pennsylvania presidential vote


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All that fraud, yet Biden is certified in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Guess the massive amounts of evidence Trump supposedly has gets stage fright and refuses to appear in court.

Voter fraud evidence is notoriously fickle like that.

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That Trump and the far right (US and 'foreign') continue to attack the election and voting, cornerstones to the democratic principles of the republic, shows they're not going to stop their efforts to undermine the country.

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The entire “Elite Strike Force” should be sanctioned for their conduct.

At minimum, they’ve signaled potential clients that they’re incompetent.

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“Let him have his day in court ” “it ain’t over yet” “the media don’t decide” and other hits seem to be dying down as truth hits the deluded. Luckily there’s a post history if you ever need reminding.

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Luckily there’s a post history if you ever need reminding.

Most likely there will be a lot of “new” commenters showing up though.

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Trump can have his day in court. Just needs to file the evidence first.

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