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Acting U.S. defense secretary in Asia for talks on China expansion


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US has military bases all over the world to protect its interests. What are the US interests? Oil, minerals, and of course military bases from which it can launch its missiles left and right when countries don't do as they are told.       

Maybe if the US were a peaceful country, but it's not. This country a has been at war most of the time with multiple countries at once since WWII.

No other country will ever break that record.

As for Iran, Iran complied with the JCPOA yet because US/Israel don't like the agreement Iran has to switch or face more sanctions and possibly war.

Suppose Iran does as it is told.

Suppose the next WH admin won't listen to its puppet master and wants the JCPOA back.

What is Iran suppose to do, switch again?

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Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan kicked off a week-long Asian tour Wednesday with an eye to

selling even more weapons so Boeing (from which he's 'on loan' to the Trump administration) and other big war industries can increase their profits.

The US government continues to subsidize big war industries, which has long kept and continues to keep the US economy strong.

The greater the profit for the many war industries, the more their corporation's share prices increase. This further enriches share holders, typically made up of the financially better off.

As profits and share prices increase, so do the salaries and 'bonuses' of the corporation's execs.

Because Trump and the GOP have cut taxes for the wealthiest, the working and middle class taxpayers are forced to pay an unfair amount for big war industries' subsidies.

War: good for the .01% and the undertakers.

Has anyone seen Trump's tax info to see how much he's invested in big war industries, especially those getting huge federal contracts?

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