Officer stabbed to death; suspect killed outside Pentagon


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Quote: Another AP journalist heard police yelling “shooter.”

But the guy used a knife. The only shooting came from the police. And that is how misinformation can lead to more confusion and casualties.

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including that he not ingest illegal drugs and that he undergo a mental health evaluation

That’s it. No affected human being can or will stand such horrible things. So there’s only the violent amok left as a last resort. Ask yourself, what would you do, if they convict you and insist in letting be the things you like or are addicted to, declare you crazy and put you into mental treatment? Exactly, you would become maximum angry, turn crazy and wild and go for a raging spree too.

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Another senseless killing by a violent criminal.

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Lanz was arrested in April in Cobb County, Georgia, on criminal trespassing and burglary charges, according to online court records. The same day, a separate criminal case was filed against Lanz with six additional charges, including two counts of aggravated battery on police, a count of making a terrorist threat and a charge for rioting in a penal institution...

A judge reduced his bond in May to $30,000 and released him,

Did he have friends in high places?

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Maintaining the anonymity of ‘sources’ is sometimes necessary to gather some additional, in-depth information closer to an investigation.

- “The deaths of the officer and the suspect were first confirmed by officials who were not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.”

However, shouldn’t reporters & journalists, alleged ‘direct witnesses’ to an incident? They shouldn’t have any need to not be fully identified, giving credibility to their findings?

- “An Associated Press reporter near the building heard multiple gunshots, then a pause, then at least one additional shot. Another AP journalist heard police yelling “shooter.” -

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Unstable people find a way to kill, if that is their intention.

Anyone could have been at that metro station. The Pentagon location may or may not have been important.

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Image how much worse this would have been had the suspect had a firearm.

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There is nothing good that comes as a result of this but at the least the story deserves as much visibility as when a police officer is involved in the death of a civilian.

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My condolences to the family of the officer.

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Commodore Perry

Or if the police who shot the violent criminal didn't have firearms.

....or was defunded and replaced by a civilian counsellor. But yes, this was goverment building, so they stay old-fashioned and believe in both walls and police.

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The fact that he never 'earned the title/status of 'Marine' says a lot. Marine Corps boot camp was (maybe still is) 14 weeks. Like any branch of the service. boot camp is a 'weeder'. If you don't make it thru that, it could be medical but more often than not it's a disciplinary problem. Recruits who sneak in drugs, sociopaths looking for a fight, lippy sassybrats, thieves, flashers (sex deviants), those who lie about previous offenses, all those types and more get recruited to fulfill recruiters' quotas for the month and then boot camps 'sort them out'.

My Navy boot camp was 8 weeks, by the time week 5 came around the batallion had been pared down quite a bit because of these things. If you don't make it thru, you get an administrative (probably 'other than honiorab;le') discharge and it doesn't look on you thereafter. The fact that he never made it all the way to being a Gyrene says just about everything right from the start.

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