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People worldwide donate millions to help separated families at U.S.-Mexico border


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"This is such a profound rejection of the cruel policies of this administration. Take heart."

It's good to know that at one end of the human spectrum there are those who show compassion for others, regardless of nationality or ethnicity.

Given the rise of authoritarian nationalist regimes in the US, Russia, China, Turkey and other places, those who actually care about the well-being of others, those who care about all including those who are 'different', are facing an uphill climb against those at the other end of the spectrum.

Gen X, Y and Z: if you're not doing what you can to resist the ultra-rightists, your future looks pretty bleak. Especially if you're not a member of whichever dominant group.

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If these irresponsible people would not come in illegally, then there’d be no need to send all that money to the border. When families come into the US with proper visa, nobody is separated.

imagine if dozens of Filipino, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal and Chinese nationals arrived in Japan on a banana boat. Surely, the Japanese gov would deport them all. This is exactly what the US government should do too. No exceptions!!

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Wonder if those who donated $$$ put it on their credit card so they can get a charge back because President Trump's EO does what all liberals wanted: the illegal alien nuclear families are once again reunited as they all now sit in "detention" for the next few weeks or months awaiting their fate as valid asylum seekers.

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“if you're not doing what you can to resist the ultra-rightists”

The ultra rightists are feeding them 3 squares per day. Providing temporary shelter & are being treated humanely. The will get their day in court with a federal magistrate.

Meanwhile they remain in “our” custody. They came to the border & crossed it.

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Now, if only they would just let one illegal immigrant family use their spare bedroom, the problem would be solved. Surely Nancy Pelosi could find space in one of her $5 million mansions in the Napa valley. Or perhaps her ski chalet at Lake Tahoe...

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With all those millions, think of the good that could be accomplished setting up stations in Mexico, Honduras, et al to help people BEFORE they feel the need to leave their homes?

Solving the issue at the source is always the best answer.

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@theFu. Rights onn brotha’

These illegal keep rushing the border & expect royal treatment of our dimes. It’s absolutely insane!

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