Pets left in limbo as Australian owners get cold feet


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I would rather put a bullet in my brain than give my pet dog up.

But then everyone may not share the same love of dogs.

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The mantra used to be, A pup isn't only for Christmas.

Now it's become A pup isn't only for a lockdown.

Like EvilBuddha (who obviously isn't evil at all) I don't understand how or why anyone who has shared their life with an animal, taken comfort from its presence, loved it and cared for it and been idolised in return, can just dump the animal when it becomes 'inconvenient'.

I understand this 'lockdown pup' thing isn't just an Australian phenomenon. Shame on all those who would so easily discard their Best Friend.

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Shame on you Holly Medcalf. Such naivety! A teacher too!!

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I was once in a strange situation where I could no longer give my dogs the home and family they needed, and pursuing my career meant they couldn't come with me. It was hard, I still feel guilty, but I found two new loving homes with big yards and kids for them. It never crossed my mind to send them to a pound to sit in a cage. Even having done that, I still feel like I should have stayed with them.

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More cities should ban the sale of retail pets. There are all of these pet shops in Tokyo showcasing their cute little puppies and kittens, but once these animals grow up, many of them get abandoned. Pet adoptions are the way to go; I don't want to see these animals being a product in a business (and similarly discarded).

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Yeah... Boycott Chinese and Russian products and you end up like that!

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Irresponsibility and selfishness, thinking only on the short term convenience without ever considering owning a pet is taking care of a life. Really hope people doing this get a huge fine, enough to take care of their discarded pets for a while in a shelter so they will think twice about doing it.

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All over the world there have always been some people who get into pet owning without recognizing the responsibility that goes with it. The Covid lockdowns just made it worse and increased their numbers.

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There is no way I would ever do this.

As a child, my mother got dogs THREE TIMES only to tire of the responsibility and send them to my grandfather’s farm where they promptly got hit on the highway.

To this day I’m still upset about that.

I would never do what these people did unless I was too poor To feed my dog.

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I was too poor To feed my dog

In my country I have seen some of the poorest people take care of their dogs better than the affluent folks who don’t have the time for their dogs.

Middle class people probably think that they can get another dog once their financial situation improves or they have more time on their hands. Whereas the poor people living in slums who have seen the worst side of humanity in any case are able to better appreciate the fact that dogs are more loyal than human beings.

Even if one is giving up ones pet dog for adoption or to a better owner, a change in owner is often traumatic for a dog. I know this because I myself adopted my dog when she was 8 months old.

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What a load of rubbish excuses ! Plenty of people have pets and work full time, you take them for a walk after work and give them some attention how hard can it be !

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Another tragedy caused by the draconian lockdowns that Australians endured, very sad and very preventable.

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In the Westmount, Montreal where I live, many dog owners pay dog walkers $25 for an hour's walk every day: that is $750 a month or $8900 a year.

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Yet another example of people deciding what the want rather than wait they need.

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Our big male Husky just passed away and our hearts are broken. Then I see two gorgeous Husky's in a shelter because their owners could not find it in their hearts to keep them, so my heart breaks again. Such wonderful creatures, so full of love and fun! A dog would never turn their master in for a new one. They are better than that. Now I have to go give our remaining two dogs a hug.

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Desert Tortoise - I am hugging doggos now as well. We don't deserve dogs.

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Just like children, some people shouldn't have them. Some people shouldn't have dogs.

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