Pfizer confirms fake vaccine shots on sale in Mexico, Poland


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I would not be surprised if the same thing happened in Japan, it would be probably much more difficult to carry out but with the desperation of people because of the snail paced distribution of the vaccine they economic profit would be a huge incentive.

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Who pay $1000 for a shot? I am not even sure i want to take it when it's free.

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Inevitable. People pay 1000 a shot because they have been misinformed into thinking that the plague is loose.

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Are we absolutely sure Pfizer didn't have a hand in their distribution?

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People are paying $1000 for a shot, because they are scared and in fear from all the fearmongering BS that is going around the Media Day by Day, spread from thousands of self nominated Idiot-experts and sensation-addict medias.

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Who pay $1000 for a shot? I am not even sure i want to take it when it's free.

I wouldn't get it if they paid me $1000.

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Made in China ? lol

The whole thing is a scandal, the virus , mismanagement , the surrounding circus, the way its been handled, the vaccine and now this's almost as if some one has written a really bad movie script. Oh hang on a minute ...........................

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Who pay $1000 for a shot? I am not even sure i want to take it when it's free.

People who aren’t you. Don’t want it, don’t get it. Simple.

I wouldn't get it if they paid me $1000.

Same answer. Don’t worry about it then.

I don’t like asparagus. This is the one and only time I will mention that on an online website. I will also refrain from trying to persuade other people not to eat asparagus.

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For that money just fly to the US. Go to a Wal-Mart in a rural area. Plenty of appointments open.

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As much as this pandemic has woken people up to their better natures of diligence, community spirit and cooperation, the scum of the earth still lurk. Wrinkle cream ay?Lovely stuff.

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I wouldn't get it if they paid me $1000.

If you die doing a clinical trial you get jacksit. If you take the drug company vaccines and get jacksit.

my advise, wait at least 5 years. Stay healthy.

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Big Pharma doesn't like others copying them by taking advantage of Covid and making a profit meant for them.

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I wonder if you get a fake vaccine certificate with the fake vaccine?

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I can talk for the Polish but I lived in Latin America, unfortunately the place is plagued with scumbags and thieves always looking to take advantage of those gullible enough to fall in their traps, not surprising really that they are manufacturing fake vaccines. I would suggest to everyone to avoid that lawless region like the plague.

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What took so long? And my guess is that this story really began the same day Pfizer rolled out their vaccine and the format (bottle, label) was revealed, maybe even a 'special' pre-release 'sale' to 'selected customers'... It's difficult to fault the scammers when, in fact, the root cause is 'educational systems' which do not educate but just train workers to be able to tolerate working in Corporate and to believe whatever claims marketing departments make, so they are as children when confronting the fear mongering and confusing information swirling around them, terrorized. As we have seen most recently in the chaotic American political arena, poorly educated people can be convinced of almost ANYTHING so a guy going "Pssst, I got vaccine!" from an alley is as credible to a terrorized person as a statement from Big Tony (Dr Fauci), maybe more. Ignorance and fear, what would we do without them?

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