Pfizer offers to sell medicines at cost to world's poorest countries

By Issam AHMED

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Sounds like those 90% reduced sales of jewelry or other luxury goods. Very much attractive and cheaper than before, but still most people cannot afford any of it. lol

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Pfizer is a business. They have multiple responsibilities, both to the people using their products and to the people funding their efforts (stockholders). We will all disagree on the exact balance to be reached, since we all have different morality.

Every company has these considerations, at least if their Board and leaders have any heart. Should an entertainment company have any less moral responsibility to give away their products than a drug company has?

OTOH, without profits, both companies will not be able to produce the next drug/movie and the people working for the company won't have money to buy food.

Would you work for free if someone needs the thing you do?

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