Philippine crime war packs decaying jails


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Completely insane as the war on a sickness that can be treated is criminalized and now the poor hurt sick people are being hurt further, the education system and the poor who most live in such squalid conditions in the prisons is just a copy of teh situations outside prison. They are abandoned and are in such poverty on the outside and have no hope of ever leading a productive life. This Filipino Donald Trump will cause a major epidemic as there is all sorts of diseases in squalid conditions as there in the prisons and once that bug gets out the over population and poor will suffer and die and keep trump happy as his war is really against the poor not the criminal. easyt to get away with that in a pineapple/banana republic where the insane are the leaders

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Very nasty conditions no wonder why there unusually high cases of Hepatitis. Both in jail and the many slums common in those parts.

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Not sure why you compare our president with Donald trump. His accomplishment as mayor of his city alone should prove otherwise, but since it seems you are judging based solely on what you know, let me give you some facts. Below is a small list of achievements he has done during his first month as president, all of which he did immediately while all the former presidents before him couldnt do in SIX YEARS.

-During his first month, thousands of suspected/ alleged pushers were arrested by vigilantes and Philippine National Police. -Dissolve Party lists -Phasing out End of contractualization -911 and 8888 Hotlines were made to handle citizen’s concern and other emergency purposes. It can be used to complain and government officials whose not doing their job. -Pension hike for SSS pensioners, worth 2000 pesos will be added (Still in the process doing this push this bill in the congress. -Peaceful State of the Nation Address, which hasnt happened in YEARS. First wherein there was no violence or protests. -unilateral ceasefire with communist, in order to go in peace talks.

visits AFP soldiers in hospitals

I could go on and on about what he has done, and has been doing. It's all for the PEOPLE. The people love him, and he has done so many, proven a lot. He rules with an iron fist, sure. But he cares about the people he rule. His ways are definitely unique and might come as harsh, eccentric, but he knows what it takes to rule the Philippines and Filipino's. He is someone we need right now to set things straight and remove drugs / corruption from the country.

Before you talk trash and judge someone, maybe think twice and realize you dont know what youre talking about.

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