Philippines' Duterte says no school until there is a virus vaccine

By Maria TAN

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So no school for another YEAR or so? That is just stupid.

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yes that could take awhile. Lucky kids!

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There has yet to be a successful vaccine for a corona virus.

These kids could be 40 before they graduate!

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Lucky kids. No more school FOREVER!!!!!

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this will be the end of Duterte i am guessing

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So he's not shooting infected people?

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There won't be the end of Duterte. I guess he knows if you don't have educated people you won't have to worry about elections.

I know it sounds harsh but also Philippines education system is already bad.

Most of the Filipinos do simple jobs in service industry (housekeeping, cleaning, elderly care) and so on.

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No school will mean less brain-washing and it will give the kids more time to THINK how to rid their country of the nauseous Duterte and the vicious virus of his fascist administration. This might all come back to bite this blight on the lives of the Philippine people.

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Sadly it could be years before a vaccine is available, he’ll probably have to revise that position at some point,

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Most American are looking for a hoax vaccine, that probably will not be around to save the US economy, 300 thousand dead American by election day and 10 of million infected,

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Duterte is a great president, but I think he’s got it wrong this time.

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I hope the Philippine government is instead putting together an online compulsory curriculum for which they will provide a laptop/tablet computer for free to every child of schooling age. Anything else, is a lost chance for pulling the country out of its continued poverty.

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A vaccine could be 2-3 years away, in the mean time kids don't get any education,,, uum, that sounds a good idea! does he have any intensions about schooling from home? any online stuff? multiple pupils on line with a teacher? any testing?

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Rodrigo Duterte is a different leader. He makes sometimes funny&tough decisions over his country.

But,He is the leader of the Philippines and He calls the shots.

it is not easy to run the coutry like Philippines.

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Mr. Duterte says no school until there's a vaccine. But Education officials are telling that there'll be a month long enrollment in June in preparation for classes in August. And to maintain social distancing, half of each class will be home based while the other half would be in school in rotation. @Andy, the Phils isn't that difficult to run. The ones running it make things difficult.

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