Philippines' Duterte to skip regional summit in Australia


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police say they have killed more than 4,100 drug suspects who resisted arrest.However rights groups estimate there have been more than 12,000 deaths in all, including people murdered by shadowy vigilante groups.

And more to come under his rule, unfortunately.

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Rodrigo Duterte and Hun Sen are ridiculous thugs, both of them. Duterte places no value on human life and Hun Sen places no value on the basic human desire for freedom. What Duterte has done in the war on drugs and what Hun Sen has done to silence opposition is beyond shameful.

Yes, Sen, just try to beat up protesters as you promised...

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Dudirty is unwelcome in every country that is serious about the value of a human life. One day his own countrymen will hang their heads in shame that they allowed such a vile man to besmirch the reputation of their nation.

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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen threatened to "shame" Australia and block the release of a joint statement at the March summit if he faces pressure over a political crackdown at home.

LOL go ahead you fool. It will make you look stupid, I doubt other ASEAN leaders will appreciate it and no doubt it will provoke the local media into plastering your human rights and anti-democratic actions far and wide. Exactly what you don't want.

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Whats the curent drug/insurgent situation ... has there been any improvement ?

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Of course he is! He knows he faces the possibility of arrest for human rights violations and murder. Japan may welcome him, but he can't set foot in too many other nations.

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Don’t forget his carpet bombing of a Muslim city in nandino.

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The Philippines has a democracy right ? They can vote out Durette if he's seen to them as being bad... so why not leave it up to them to decide rather than arm-chair commentators from overseas.

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He has done nothing wrong to make his country free of drugs! At least he stepped out an importance step of courage!

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Worried about his health. He said he will retire next year. Unlike the drug dealers and users who already retired, forever.

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If DTE and Hun Sen are thugs that should be arrested for the alleged crimes against humanity and mass murders then the ICC should arrest first all the leaders of the West led by Dubya that invaded IRAQ under a pretense that Saddam possessed WMD which like the 'sneak attack' propaganda was a lie.

As a result of the brutal invasion of Iraq, hundreds of thousands of innocent women, children and the elderly were killed.

That invasion and destruction of a sovereign nation with the resultant mass murder is the mother of all crimes against humanity in present memory.

Sure, the ICC can put Asian leaders like DTE and Hun Sen to trial and maybe to prison stat, but the whole humanity will be wondering why Bush, Sir John Major, Brian Mulroney and the rest of the Western Coaltion leaders are still seating pretty and free.

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