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Philippines' Duterte says dictator Marcos is a 'hero'


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Winston Churchill said that democracy is the worst state-apparatus. My former teacher said the same. When the my class couldn't agree on something and a debate arose, she took the lead and decided herself on the matter instead of wasting time on debates etc.

In some cases, a dictatorship where some people die, is better off then a total disaster were your whole country perishes as happened in fomer Iraq and Libya, Syria (present) where you have terrorists who runs the country!

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and his family...

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When Benigno  Aquino Jr. r was returning from his self-imposed exile, Marcos had him assassinated at the airport. Aquino was a friend of my grandfather. Remember Imelda's shoe collection? - shed make Ivanka blush.

Terrible, corrupt, violent, unconscionable monsters through and through, the lot of 'em.

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Doubt if most of the population would agree with him.

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Years from now, after he's gone, I doubt if his countrymen will have anything good to say about "Duarte Harry."

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Churchill said that "democracy is the worst form of government... EXCEPT FOR ALL THE OTHERS". Get the quote right Resonance of Melancholy.

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Resonance of Melancholy: In some cases, a dictatorship where some people die, is better off then a total disaster were your whole country perishes as happened in fomer Iraq and Libya, Syria (present) where you have terrorists who runs the country!

Surely you understand that Iraq, Libya, and Syria never have been politically democratic and the tragedy endured by the people in these countries are largely due to the failure of dictators.

But as your sentiment demonstrates there is a perplexing affinity for authoritarian leadership among many people. It is easy to forget that individual rights are worth having and protecting when simply surviving is difficult.

If Duterte's authoritarian style suits your views then consider yourself lucky. If not, there is no individual protections for you despite the democratic patina. Any constitutional democracy whose people and those that inhabit the political and bureaucratic machinery are hostile to the individual protections embodied within it's governing laws is a democracy no different from a dictatorship.

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Isn't Duterte's son involved in drug traffiking? Kinda ironic.

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One has to wonder, whether Democracy is suited to every Country. Certainly since a number of non-Democratic states have fallen, we have seen a rise in Terrorism spread Globally. Even within my own Country, Terrorism is now back upon the forefront at the control (seemingly) of the Brexit talks.

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This guy sounds unhinged at times, Glad I don't live there and glad his opinions don't impact me.

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Democracy is a political process that at its foundation requires people to listen to others and accept things they don't personally agree with.

For people who have extreme social issues, Democracy can seem anathema. But for the rest of us, it's had a pretty good track record.

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This news is misleading. Duterte merely approved a request from the Ilocos Region, where Marcos came from, to make Sept. 9 a holiday in honor of Marcos. The hero worship is confined to the Ilocos Region, not the entire country. The writer obviously hates Duterte and would bend any fact to support his hatred.

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democracy is not the, actual form of government of the most politically free, it is, representative republics which offer the best option to protect freedom, so far. Democracy is a tyranny by the mob of people, where 50.01% can dictate slavery on the, 49.99.%. generally democracy, rule by purely unchecked popular vote is how many socialist tyrannies take power without outright violence.

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No surprise Duterte sees the guy as a hero, Duterte may well surpass him in criminal abuses, dictatorship, and plain old scumbaggery if he keeps on his current path. Hell, I'd say it's too late.

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I'd say, let the people in the Philippines, decide upon what they think of Duterte, rather than us from afar as arm-chair commentators.

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