Philippines flood toll nears 1,000 dead


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“Our national government will do its best to prevent a repeat of this tragedy,” Aquino told residents who came out to greet him.

More lip service, as if the government can do anything about incoming disasters. Considering that the affected areas are in Mindanao, where the Muslim government wants autonomy from the rest of the Philippines.

Also, there are some complaints against the government-ran weather bureau, stating that even though the incoming cloud formations were showing signs of a tropcal storm, the bureau only classified it as a "tropical depression", and just changed the status a few hours before landfall.

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At least the death and destruction parts of life are still working just fine. Health and happiness is another story.

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This is crazy! Too many dead from what, a tropical storm?? And we are almost at the end of the year when these storms are unheard of at this time of year, is this La Niña??

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so depressing....

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I still can not believe that so many died from a stupid storm, what is wrong down there??

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GOD! this is a very sad ....

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