Photos of New York knife killing victim shared online


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Sick. Don't spread the image.

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Sad. Unfortunately a lot of people have a morbid curiosity. I remember looking at a pretty grim site when the internet first came around out of curiosity, but after an initial look or two I quickly realized that was nothing I wanted to see anymore. I've got the opposite of a morbid curiosity now.

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I opened a link sent to me not knowing it was spam mail. All I can say is, you can't 'unsee' what you've seen. Why would people look at such a thing and pass it on. These internet sites should be as vigilant as Japantoday, remove at source before it goes viral

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I don't find images of death disturbing. What disturbs me is what is going on in the heads of the people who want to. At the same time hiding images of death is just making real murder seem like a fantasy, such as the murder called war. I guess if I have to choose a side its going to be AGAINST censorship.

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Modern day youth has become desensitized towards graphic pictures as a lot of these scenes are replicated online within the games that they play.

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mmwkdw Actually I think they were never sensitized in the first place because their lives are devoid of reality, such as even the death of pets....cause they have so few. Fewer computer games and more socializing is needed.

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