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Pile-up on Chinese motorway kills 17

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Life is cheap when you have so many people. I was amazed when in Taiwan and saw a road closed sign. My Chinese friend told me that a bridge was out, but there was no mention on the sign of that fact. So people ignored the sign and drove into a river below where the bridge had been. Periodically the government pulled cars out of the river with a big magnet on a crane, but didn’t bother to alert motorists as to why the road was closed.

In another instance, a couple of cars crashed ahead of us on a freeway, blocking it. About 20 men jumped out of their cars, picked up the crashed cars, tossed them in the weeds beside the road, jumped back in their cars, and traffic resumed with only a few seconds’ pause. Police would show up and decide who was at fault, take whomever to the hospital, and that was the end of the event. I would like to see such protocol in the States.

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