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Pilot that overshot airport says crew wasn't napping


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ere man, this is great smoke.....cough...cough.

Wow man.... < :-)

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"so...where are the brakes on this thing?" ..."I dunno"

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's obvious, innit. Yawn...............

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A320 cabins are so quiet, you can fall asleep at any time.

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"The Denver center tried to contact the flight but couldn't get anyone"

This is a serious breach of safety protocol.

"A320 cabins are so quiet, you can fall asleep at any time"

Do they prohibit small children and people with colds on A320s?

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Striker...flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes..

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Were the flight attendants asleep too? I'm assuming that the plane didn't have those TV screens whereby passengers can check their location.

In January 2008, two pilots for go! airlines fell asleep for at least 18 minutes during a midmorning flight from Honolulu to Hilo, Hawaii.

Just how long does it take to get from Honolulu to Hilo? Did both of them fall asleep during take off?

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150 miles really sounds like a lot, but that is about 15 minutes of flying time.

They were sleeping. Flying a plane is 10 times more boring than driving a bus. The pilot snoozed and told the copilot to wake him up. Then the copilot fell asleep. No mystery there. They would have asked the flight attendant to wake them up, but I guess they were big on decorum.

The pilot works nights at a 7-11 trying to make ends meet, and the copilot is moonlighting flipping burgers. Such is the state of airlines in the US.

Two weeks ago I was railing on and on about how cockpit doors should be reinforced and we could get rid of the TSA. I guess I was wrong. Imagine if this plane had gone down just because the flight crew was catching some z's. They should mail these guys all the confiscated nail clippers for the last five years just to teach them a lesson.

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The plane had 144 passengers? Can you imagine it crashing?

That's gross.

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Pump24: Striker...flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.

Surely you can't be serious....

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too much rum and coke ? again ?

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These two pilots are toast. They would have been better off just admitting that they'd fallen asleep instead of claiming (falsely) that they had become so distracted with personal issues that they completely failed to do their jobs and unnecessarily risked their passengers' lives, which is far far worse.

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" Pilot that overshot airport says crew wasn't napping "

Sure. And we should also believe in the easter bunny.

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Oh well, what can you expect from North Worst airlines, oops! I meant to say North West, ha!ha!ha??

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“It was not a serious event, from a safety issue,” Cole said in front of his Salem, Ore, home. “I would tell you more, but I’ve already told you way too much.”

Why? Did the aliens tell you to keep it a secret when they transported you to their spaceship and back?

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transcript . . .

FA, "Um, we should have landed an hour ago . . .

Pilot, "I told you not to call us when we are, discussing things. Besides we just took off, bring me a coffee."

FA, "I think we are in Canada now . . .

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Surely not napping but up in smoke.

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Yes, up in smoke indeed! unless someone was getting their knob a quick polished.. :P

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uh..that's GROSS... 144... GROSS. Get it?

Oh well. With memory as cheap as it is, it seems silly to record only the last 30 minutes of flight time. I know that these devices are geared to overwrite the old information, but flight recorders could be cheaply adapted to record the whole flight's information.

Why not? Isn't there some government agency dedicated to making air travel safe? (sarcasm)

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northwest has issues with the delta take over.

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Maybe its all true. Maybe we should get Mulder and Scully on the case. Remember the episode where the plane got frozen mid-air while aliens boarded and the only survivor could not remember anything? Well, that plane crashed but...maybe they learned from their mistakes but made a new one? guffaw

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