Pistorius says he had 'no intention' to kill girlfriend


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That's his story and he's stuck with it.

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Cracaphat, I think you are on to something, but it does look bad for Pistorius, but no crocodile tears for this guy, if he is really guilty, throw the book at him and let him rot in jail!

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His version of events is the biggest fairytale since Adam hooked up with Eve.

Of course, that is what his lawyers will tell him to stick to his story as nutty as it sounds. Anyone with half a brain hering this would laugh and realize its a complete lie, but he thinks he can probably get off, good luck with that. Now the people are shocked, he was such an icon. But after this love fest is over, that will all turn into hate very quickly.

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Funny would be, if it were true. Perhaps it was intended to be a prank. Perhaps she purposely scuttled around the house to startle him, then locked herself in bathroom and refused to respond. Perhaps she giggled and eye-rolled as he announced he was preparing to open fire... 'pssh, yeah whatever!'

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Just how many burglars burgle the bathroom and lock themselves in?

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" pumpkin31526 at Feb. 20, 2013 - 12:13PM JST Just how many burglars burgle the bathroom and lock themselves"

My friend's home was burgled via the bathroom on the second floor in Seattle. The window had been left slightly open for ventilation. He was faced with an armed intruder, but luckily subdued the chris rock lookalike with a golf club.

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Even if this was true (big IF) SA law states that you cannot shoot to kill, only to disable. 4 shots through a locked bathroom door suggests to me his chances of proving this are very slim.

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Has a history. Loves guns. Loves booze. Tweets about being a SWAT man in is house hearing the washing machine and pulling the gun out. They found roids, a bloody bat and he was drunk. Story is flyin pigs. Later dude.

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"He said he kept a firearm, a 9 mm Parabellum"

a baseball bat will do my dear.. a baseball bat will just do the job. tsk. tsk.

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Truth is stranger than fiction. And the mob is dumb as rocks.

I remember when rumors were circulating that he bashed her head in since they found a bloody bat. "Well how else could a bat get bloody" they say. Well its simple. So simple its no surprise the mob misses it. He shot her through the door. Finding the door locked he beat it down with the bat. Getting through the door with bat in hand, he found his girlfriend, and promptly laid the bat down in a pool of....wait for it....her blood!

I am sorry, but if you did not realize this possibility of how the bat got bloody after reading this article, it might be time to curse yourself for a fool, stop typing, and stop insisting Pistorius is guilty. Same if you have not figured out yet the press has been mucking up this story from day one.

Mind you I am not declaring his innocence. I can still see it both ways, although I do have trouble imagining why a guy with his money would plan to kill his girlfriend in such a stupid way. Still waiting for a motive even.

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His gun and his cricket bat killed someone with a degree of violence not compatible with self-defense. Even if the victim was a real armed burglar, that would still be intentional killing, well it's called a murder.

They found roids, a bloody bat and he was drunk. Story is flyin pigs.

Apparently, his lawyer has informed him that his only chance to get out was to be declared crazy.

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I doubt that the "crazy" excuses are not really going to fly for this South African sports star. I feel so sorry for this young lady.

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Even if the victim was a real armed burglar, that would still be intentional killing, well it's called a murder.

That is not the standard definition sorry. And many would agree if their house were invaded by persons unknown armed with God knows what in South Africa, one of the most violent crime and gun-ridden places on the planet....and they were a double amputee!

That the guy was extra jumpy does not surprise me really.

But yes, he may be finished by the laws of South Africa alone even if this was not some Hitchcock-esque plan to murder his girl.

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Check out the Piers Morgan interview he did recently. It is mind boggling this guy would be capable of this tragedy but it happened.

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(sarcasm)It makes perfect sense! You're sharing the house with another person and when you hear someone in the bathroom, it HAS to be an intruder. So you shoot four rounds through the bathroom door, then go find out why your fiance isn't answering and notice that the fiance isn't in bed.

Whenever I hear someone on the toilet, I ALWAYS assume it's an intruder. Why ELSE would anyone go in there? (/sarcasm)

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Fadamor, if she slipped out of bed quietly while he went onto the patio he might have thought she never left. It was dark you know.

I have been surprised this way myself. I thought for sure she was still asleep. Then I realize someone is in the kitchen as I come from the toilet. Its extra bewildering when its the middle of the night and you are still half asleep.

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Its extra bewildering when its the middle of the night and you are still half asleep.

Nice try, but he wasn't half-asleep:

He awoke in the dead of night to bring in a fan from the balcony when he heard a noise.

This sentence is odd in that a person wouldn't normally wake up specifically to bring a fan in, but the point is that he was alert enough to realize the fan was on the balcony and needed to be brought in, but not alert enough to realize she wasn't still in the bed? Then his first thought is "get my gun and shoot through the bathroom door" instead of "make sure my fiance is all right"?

“I fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to Reeva to phone the police. Reeva was not responding. When I reached the bed, I realized that Reeva was not in bed. That is when it dawned on me that it could have been Reeva who was in the toilet.”

Here's where it REALLY smells. According to him, Reeva is in bed when he gets up and goes to the balcony. When he comes back in, someone is in the bathroom. Somebody making as much as him can afford a house with a bathroom connected to the master bedroom. Assuming Reeva is awakened when he gets out of bed, which bathroom would she use, the one connected to the bedroom or some other one in the house? So Pistorius comes back in, hears noises in the bathroom, goes to get his gun which is presumably next to the bed, then shoots through the bathroom door without EVER noticing the bed is empty?!

“She could go nowhere,” Nel said. “She locked the door for a purpose. We will get to that purpose.”

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Her head was "crushed", so he shot her 4 times then beat her head in with a cricket bat, accidentally. If he gets a plea deal, he better take it because not jury will acquit him, fake legs or not.

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Oscar,why didn't you get in your car and head for the freeway ? Worked for O.J......

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