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Planet in peril: Global conservation congress urges wildlife protection

By Marlowe HOOD

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Entirely agree. This is a noble cause that will also likely fail in the face of ever growing human population and concurrent habitat destruction.

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More news stories like this are needed to raise people's awareness, which hopefully will lead to more sustainable consumption patterns.

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I'm sure millions of discarded face masks for getting into rivers and oceans are helping the situation.

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In the 1940’s the Manhattan Project, whose outcome was the hideous bombs dropped on Japan, involved getting some of the best scientific minds of the day to work together to stop the advancement of Germany and Japan's empires and the spread of fascism.

It would be nice to think it would be possible for some of the globes best scientific minds to be brought together to find ways to generate energy without causing further damage to the planet, and while doing that come up with ways to mitigate against the effects of human-caused climate change. 

But maybe it would be better to try to get individuals around the world to see that being an active participant and consumer in the global economy is not a very good measure of their worth and sanity. This would require a shift away from the economic systems long controlled by the so-called royals and predatory capitalists. (be their capitalism of the state variety like that of China and Russia, or the one some 'westerners' idealize., i.e. 'what they call 'free market capitalism'.

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Good observation @ESLM 3:46p. Should we assume that number would actually be in the “billions”.

- “I'm sure millions of discarded face masks for getting into rivers and oceans are helping the situation.”

And in 5 more years of this?

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@P Towns...

Prince Charles next in line for the British Crown has been tree hugging, plant talking and generally planet earth champion since before I and I expect you were born. It is also a fact that the Royals in the UK are rich and not in any way connected to the economy and Mr Dyson of Fan and Hoover production is not only much richer than the Queen but owns more land.

I think the predatory capitalists are people in sports like the IOC. They seem to be the ones forcing the world to do silly things.

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Will give it to Japan. - NEVER read stories of whales ‘beaching’ themselves here, for some reason. : (Must be the climate.)

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Protect the global wildlife, might be too big for humans to wrap their minds around in a practical way.

perhaps countries and businesses should have to publish a very short paper every year to state clearly, scientifically and in easy to understand language what practical steps they made that year. This should be published in the newspapers of the world. Hold competitions between countries, within countries, universities , towns and cities.

the information needs to be manageable and progress real and practical.

To keep it in the minds of the public, and allow us to see what our small commitments can achieve may be the best way to make real change.

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Because so many humans throughout history have felt the need to create religions, perhaps a new system of beliefs should be created, hopefully one that does not direct its followers to:

“Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; rule over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

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I wonder how many attendees are flying to the conference.

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Over nine days, government ministries, indigenous groups and NGOs -- backed by a network of 16,000 scientists -- will hammer out conservation proposals that could help set the agenda at critical upcoming UN summits on food systems, biodiversity and climate change.

carbon footprint much? dear oh dear!

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Must be the heat. Even Anthony Cuomo would have trouble reading ‘da charts’ here Today. Does it indicate amphibians are the next to die in a ‘mass extinction’? Can we at least get links to the originals?

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the Royals in the UK are rich and not in any way connected to the economy 

Re UK royals, Good on 'Prince' Charles. how much of the family's current wealth can be traced back to the East India Company, or the Hudson Bay Company in Canada. "Sea-going capitalism".

Today See China's Belt and Road' and Russia' Eurasian Economic Union" and USA in Iraq and elsewhere. Empires have long been ruled by a 'royal' caste, that has profited greatly through their state's conquests. Tsar Putin and Emperor Xi will probably never worry about where their next meal is coming from.

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@Simian LaneToday  03:34 pm JST

Sickening. Controversial, but I place more importance on preventing the destruction of the environment and animals than I do over-protecting humans from the virus!

interesting point SimianLame, it’s almost like a short cut to think.

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You know we messed up, big freaking time when there are fires around Yakutia.

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Looks like Japan’s annual quota of whale harvesting “for research porpoises” on one beach. - No wasted fuel, lives lost at sea or discarded school-lunch, ‘culture’ lessons.

*- “In 2019, Japan harvested 331 whales through whaling for both commercial AND ‘research purposes’, a decrease compared to 640 hunted whales in 2018.” -*

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Oh, wait! As of 2021, JAPAN has chosen to NO LONGER PARTICIPATE in ANY guidelines regarding that issue.

*- “In 2021Japanese whaling vessels are hunting a ‘reported’ quota of 398 whales. ...despite a 2014 order from the UN's International Court of Justice ordering Japan to stop its whaling programme in Antarctica!” -*

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Basically, the main message is: Stop destroying the world and don’t forget to give us 10x more money :)

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Please be kind to animals too.

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I'm sure millions of discarded face masks for getting into rivers and oceans are helping the situation.

I'm glad you are finally concerned with climate and the environment.

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